Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

StartUp Essentials - Now Also in Sweden


One more nation for the Startup Essentials Program. Sweden joins the US and 7 other nations in the program that makes hardware and software available at very discounted prices for startups.

GlassFish support (GFB) is included in SSE - see this earlier TA entry.

According to OnTheRecord, there have been over 2,300 applications to SSE.

Wednesday Feb 20, 2008

GlassFish in Startup Essentials - All you need, now in 8 Countries

Photo of Shuttle Liftoff

The Sun Startup Essentials (SSE) program aims to provide all the essentials needed by startups, including: Free Software and Services and Discounted Systems, Storage and Partner Hosting. GlassFish is included in the deal: you will get free developer assistance from the SSE team (which works closely with GF engineers), and - of course, GlassFish is free Right-to-Use.

In addition to the US the program is available in 7 other countries so far: India, China, Israel, France, Germany, Canada and now also in the United Kingdom.

The program has a 93% satisfaction rating; check it out and provide your Feedback.

Added - I just saw the announcement on the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor-based blades (Blog, PR) - they look nice, and I believe they will be included in SSE in the "near" future.

Thursday Sep 06, 2007

How good is GlassFish startup time?


Everybody wants performance, but people often fail to define "performance". Most people will think of performance as great benchmark results (GlassFish certainly delivers). Developers would insist on better startup performance.

Prashanth has a post entry on the later. It discusses the efforts to bring the startup and shutdown time of GlassFish v2 (single instance or entire cluster) to the best (smallest) possible number. The improvements are broken into modules. Can you guess where the greatest improvement was achieved?

Of course you can expect more improvement from GlasFish v3's kernel architecture with its on-demand module loading.