Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

How portable is your Java EE application? Ask the Verifier!

Verifier screenshot

In times of interesting discussions around support and monetization of Open Source, the value of standard APIs is as strong as ever. So Sekhar's latest entry on Java EE verification tools should be of interest to many, wether they use GlassFish or not.

The "verifier" tool validates a Java EE application against a set of assertions to produce a report on the level of portability of the application. It is accessible via a command-line tool bundled in every copy of GlassFish, in NetBeans, and also available as an ANT task. One could use the ANT approach in a continuous build environment or simply archive the results in the VCS to track down when non-portable modifications are introduced.

Finally, you can apply those very same checks at deploy-time in GlassFish using the --verify=true option of the asadmin deploy option or simply check the "Run Verifier" box in the graphical admin tool.