Friday Nov 20, 2009

Eclipse Gemini Proposal - Enterprise Modules Project

A new Eclipse proposal (Eclipse Development Process: Pre-Proposal and Proposal) has just been posted at


Quoting from the proposal, the scope of the Gemini project is two-fold:

• Integration of existing Java enterprise technologies into module-based platforms; and
• Implementation of enterprise specifications for module-based platforms

The initial emphasis is on standards developed by the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group.

Gemini is organized under 6 subprojects, each seeded with contributions from SpringSource or Oracle and the overall lead for the project is Mike Keith. The project mentors are Wayne Beaton, Doug Clarke and Adrian Colyer.

Monday Aug 10, 2009

VMware to Acquire SpringSource


Further consolidation in the industry: VMware is acquiring SpringSource; see S2's Announcement (website is down; can't take the load?) and TSS Post.

The Press Conference is in an hour or so (3:30pm PT); maybe more details then.


• The CTOs/CEOs speak: Rod (website down, can't take the load?) and Steve Harrod (VMware CTO).
• The usual pundits in the press: Darry Taft @eWeek, Paul Krill@Infoworld, Gavin Clarke @ ElReg.
   (I'll confess I'm puzzled - how can these guys not mention the impact on Oracle/Sun in these pieces?... sigh!)

Added - The "morning after" analysis is significantly better and worth commenting:

Cote@RedMonk - A good analysis emphasizing the public / private cloud possibilities, and the possible Java leadership angles. Let's see what Oracle does with its new assets when they get them...
Jay Lyman@451Group - A reasonable piece pointing out the industry moves.
Matt Assay@TheOpenRoad - Points out the increased pressure on RedHat - I agree, I think they will get acquired "soon" - and argues that S2's valuation would be much higher in a short time - I disagree, I think this is as good as they can get, although Hyperic was a very good move on their part.

Thursday Sep 25, 2008

... Hudson for Windows, SpringSource Support, More Brazil, Saving on Storage, SocialSite

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Kohsuke is back from Brazil and has released Hudson 1.253 (will they ever get to Hudson 2?), now with improved support for Windows in Distributed Builds and also support for Parametrized Builds.

More on the new SpringSource Enterprise Support. Ryan (a long-term user of the GlassFish Server) was considering purchasing enterprise support for SpringSource and writes about his experience and quoted price tag.

Sun and Greenplum are setting up a very large data warehouse for Fox Interactive Media on top of Solaris, ZFS and a bunch of Thumpers. Check out Jonathan's Writeup and the joint Press Release

Arun is still in Brazil for the rest of this week and next week. Today he was at DF JUG in Taguatinga. And, if you want to listen to Kohsuke presentation to CeJUG, check out the bottom of the page on the Aniversário do CEJUG - nice audience!

The SocialSite team is encouraging external participation: SocialSite Wants You! Check out the List of Proposals for ideas.

Sunday Sep 21, 2008

Cost-of-Entry, Cost-of-Exit, Standards and OpenSource

Last week SpringSource announced a new Enterprise Maintenance Policy. This has triggered quite a bit of Web activity (if you read French, check out Alexis Note) specially this long TSS thread.

A number of the reactions are negative; I suspect the biggest problem is not the specifics of the new business model - there are many valid Open Source business models - but that this is a change in the assumptions under which many people interacted with the Spring framework. One of the advantages we had at GlassFish is that we designed and advertised the community and enterprise model at the same time.


The TSS thread also reminded me of Scott McNealy's point about Cost-of-Exit; one of the benefits of standards with multiple implementations is that they encourage vendors to provide good service because the CoE is low. And I'll insert a plug for the EJB 3.1 Webinar.

BTW, Rail Gauges are a good example of the "Cost of Exit": Spain standardized on Iberian Gauge in the mid-19th century; there are plans to switch to standard gauge, but I'll believe it when it happens...

Thursday Sep 18, 2008

... JavaZone News, Building GF, Full Duplex, Free Hosting, S2 and JBoss and BlackBox XD,

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Alexis reports from JavaZone about his presentation on Scripting in GlassFish v3 and reports it was Standing Room Only! JavaZone seems a Nice Conference; maybe Alexis will have some pics to post?.

Also from Alexis, a quick recipe for Building GFv2 from Source, in response to some questions in the mailing lists. Be sure to check the comments for clarifications on testing configurations.

John recently became a committer into Grizzly. He already contributed a tutorial on Writing a Protocol using Grizzly and now has mutated that into an implementation of HTTP Chunked Transfer Coding - see his writeup on Full Duplex communication.

Alex de Marco followed on the free hosting offer from OStatic and already qualified and seems very happy... and, to, give back, he provides a Quick Start Guide on his virtualized container.

Release Noises Galore: SpringSource is getting ready their Apache Tomcat-based server, now under the new name ofdm Server RC2... and JBoss now has a Java EE 5-Certified JBoss 5 RC2. I guess I could have filed this under the battle of the RC2s! S2 promises a final release in 2 weeks, JBoss in around 6 - we will see...

And on the big-toys front, a new version of BlackBox, the MD D20. I initially thought it would be using a longer container but it is still a 20 footer, just with different internal layout - clearly customer-driven. See the Technical Specs and the overview from On The Record.

Saturday Aug 30, 2008

... Metro and JAXB, Sahoo, NetBeans 6.5, SpringSource, OpenDS, and Wonderland and Blender

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Jitu, a description of how to use JAXBContext in Metro.

From the SDN Team, it is Sahoo's turn to have his 15 Minutes of Fame; check out Janice's Interview where they cover many topics, from working from India, to OSGi.

Davis has a short note showing how to get started with a Servlet App using GFv3 Prelude in NetBeans 6.5.

The ever-observant Adam asks whether SpringSource is Working on EJB 3.1. Not sure if he is reading a bit too much into the tealeaves, or whether somebody had an oops...

From OpenDS community, Terry reports on his OpenDS Access Log Analyzer WebApp, intended for a future putback into OpenDS. And, a very complimentary testimonial about the ease of installation of OpenDS from KR in his OpenDS in 5 Minutes.

And, from Wonderland they have started creating a new, high quality, public world (see WonderBlog and Angad). A nice part is that they are going to be using Blender for the graphics. Blender is an open source tool that seems to be gaining adoption, the results are very good - see for instance the trailer for The Big Buck Bunny. Blender is also a Sun offering at Network.Com/Apps/Blender (thanks to Kevin for the tip).