Monday Oct 11, 2010

Translations of Today's OpenJDK Announcement

Today's announcement is "A Big Deal" (tm) and several folks are helping translate it to get the word out more widely. Here are the ones our group is doing directly:

English (Eduardo)
Mandarin (Joe Wang, Amy Kang, Stephen Hu)
French (Alexis)
Italian (Fabrizio Gianneschi)
Portuguese (Fabiane)
Spanish (Eduardo)
Japanese (Tatsukuni Inoue)

If you are aware of other translations, please post them as comments and I'll incorporate

The english version will be updated with links real-time; the others will be updated once a day or so.

Thursday Oct 07, 2010

Encuesta: ¿JavaEE o Spring?

La encuesta actual de JavaHispano es: ¿Qué plataforma empleas principalmente para tus aplicaciones de servidor? con las siguientes opciones: JavaEE sin EJBs, JavaEE, Spring, o ninguna. Si estais interesados en dar vuestra opinión, seguid el link.

El resultado actual es: Spring 77, JavaEE sin EJB 74, JavaEE 72... más o menos, a ojo.

Saturday Apr 10, 2010

Replays for GlassFish Roadmap Now Available

The replays from our presentation on the GlassFish Roadmap are now available in different formats, including SlideCast (Slides with synchronized audio):

Direct PDF link
• SlideCast English, French, Spanish.
• MP3 direct links English, French, Spanish

I believe Alexis will create some GlassFishPodcast entries for it.

We will provide an update if we make additional languages available.

Saturday Feb 21, 2009

GlassFish Portfolio Webinar in Spanish - Thursday, Feb 26th


Next week I will host a special webinar in spanish on Thursday to cover the GlassFish Portfolio, following the model we just used for the Chinese and Japanese editions. The time of my presentation will be:

Spanish - Eduardo, et al. - Thu, Feb 26th, 1:00pm PT / 3pm Mexico / 10pm Madrid

1-1.5 hrs, hopefully with plenty of Q&A. Details at Show Page.

The portuguese version is still being scheduled but it will very likely be the week of March 1st.

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009

Quick Report on GlassFish Webinars in Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese


A quick report on today's Special Webinars: we decided to postpone the Portuguese version for the week of March 1st (next week is Carnival and we can't compete with it), but the Japanese and the Chinese webinars went very well.

We had 144 viewers for the Japanese webinar, with a maximum of 44 attendees at a given time, while the Chinese max was 26 but the total of viewers was 153. Plenty of questions and online chatting, and we all decided we will do it again.

I still need to schedule my spanish presentation... :-(

Sunday Oct 19, 2008

Report on Special Webinar in Spanish - And Poll at JavaHispano


This last Thursday I hosted a Special Webinar for the Spanish-speaking community. The webinar home page (spanish, english) has links to the presentation (SlideShare, PDF) and to the recording.

The presentation went very well and there was interest from the audience in making it a regular event. Future events will also be hosted at TheAquarium Online and we will announce it here, at JavaHispano and at other sites.

Also, if you participate at JavaHispano, check out the results (vote) for their poll on AppServer usage - Tomcat is number one but I'm surprised GlassFish is number three, ahead of WAS and WLS and close to JBoss. I hope next year things will look even better.

Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

Special GlassFish v3 Webinar in Spanish

On Thursday, October 16th, 1pm PT, I will host a Special Webinar in Spanish on GlassFish. I will describe GlassFish v3 Prelude and the rest of the GlassFish-based, Open Source offerings.

This webinar will be hosted via uStream.TV at TheAquarium Channel and there will be opportunities for asking questions via its online chat facility. The webinar is open to anybody. For more details, check at TheAquarium Online.


To minimize confusions, below are localized hours. Date is this Thursday, the 16th.

GMT: 20hrs (8pm)
San Francisco: 1pm (UTC-7)
Mexico, DF: 3pm (UTC-5)
Caracas: 3:30 pm (UTC-4:30)
Santiago de Chile: 5 pm (UTC-3)
Madrid/Barna: 10pm (UTC+2)

Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

This Week's Webinar - OpenSocial for GlassFish

We have one Webinar this week, plus a heads up for two forthcoming webinars:


• On Thursday, October 9th, 11:15am PT, a Technical Webinar on SocialSite and OpenSocial by David Johnson (of Apache Roller fame). Dave will describe the basics of OpenSocial and will introduce SocialSite and describe its benefits, architecture and Widgets and Web Services.

And, a heads up to the Brazilian and Spanish speaking communities: I am planning to host two special 1 hour webinars to cover GlassFish v3 Prelude and the rest of the GlassFish roadmap. Let me know if you want a direct invitation (\*).

(\*) You can contact me by email (ping me if I don't reply, my inbox is in bad shape), or just add a comment to this entry and include your email in the optional field of the comment. I'll post the information on the webinars at TheAquarium during the weekend.

Tuesday Apr 08, 2008

El Acuario Restarted...


Thanks to Jorge Sanchez we have restarted El Acuario, the spanish translation of TheAquarium. If you are a Sun employee, including a Campus Ambassador, and want to help Jorge, please contact him.

We think we have also figured out a way where anybody in the community, including non-Sun employees, can help with the translations, using a new TheAquarium Wiki. It is an experiment but we think it can work; contact Jorge or me if you are interested in exploring this, either for Spanish or for other languages - like Portuguese!

Monday Feb 04, 2008

Polyglot GlassFish

Polyglot Calendar

Following the footsteps of previous versions, GlassFish v2ur1 (first released in December 2007) now support seven languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, German and Spanish. Some of the web content is also localized. As always community help and feedback is welcome.

Ming has more details here. Downloads are available from the GlassFish or Sun Application Server download pages.

Saturday Nov 03, 2007

GlassFish - En Español

Admin Screen

The Multi-Lingual GlassFish releases are now available [1], [2]. Using Spanish as an example, start at the Home Page and Download the GFv2 ML build. Next, set your language preferences (see the MacOS X Popup) and just start GlassFish as always.

For Spanish I noticed that Startup Screen is not localized (I'll ask Ming) but here is the Admin Screen. Check out your favorite language and let us know if you find any problems.

Wednesday Oct 31, 2007

GlassFish in 7 Languages - Now Available!

Ming has announced the availability of GlassFish v2 in 7 languages:

Diagram of a Babel Fish

Simplified Chinese

For more details and additional distributions, check Ming's note. Note that the translations of the web site go down one level, then they revert to english. And, if you are interested in helping, please participate at

Your Help Wanted! I encourage you to download your favorite localized version and post your experience on this blog; what worked, and what didn't work. Thanks!

Corrected! I've corrected this entry; I've also written a follow-up entry with more info for the Spanish Locale.

Sunday Jun 10, 2007

From Bilbao -- GlassFish en Español

Vizcaya Bridge

Enrique is one of the leaders of JavaHispano and he has been writing a nice set of reviews of GlassFish in spanish including 4 on Web Services ([1], [2], [3], [4]), Virtual Web Servers, Comet, and OpenJava Day.

Enrique lives in Bilbao; the photo is that of Vizcaya Bridge, a transporter bridge still in operation.