Tuesday Mar 06, 2012

Introducing JSR 357: Social Media API

Following up on the related news of the open-sourcing on java.net of DaliCore, here's JSR 357: Social Media API.

This is a JSR to define an "API for accessing social information networks, both Public (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing, Yammer,...) and Corporate."


The Spec Leads are two individuals (Werner Keil and Antoine Sabot-Durand), the JSR Review Ballot starts today (March 6th, 2012) and the schedule is pretty aggressive with a final release dues out in Q1 2013. Mailings lists have been set up here.

Friday Feb 24, 2012

@glassfish passed 5k followers and 400k video views

If Social Media is any indication of the health of a community, GlassFish just passed 5000 followers on Twitter and 400 000 video views on its YouTube channel.

Are you one of them?

As numbers continue to grow, those JDK 7 underscores in numeric literals will soon come in handy ;)


Monday Jan 30, 2012

Java EE getting social with DaliCore

DaliCore is a new project announced by Johan Vos on java.net to offer users and social networks on top of Java EE.

It is the open-sourcing of LodgON's technology developed for the past few years and used in a number of social websites.


You can think of this as twitter, Facebook, or social network-enabling your applications using Content, User, Group, and Authorization APIs. DaliCore is a logical extension to the the Java Enterprise specification (specifically to Java EE 6).

As with any Java.net project, you can start playing with the source code, engage on mailing lists, file bugs, but also get further details in this short presentation.

Good luck to Johan and team on this project!

Wednesday Sep 23, 2009

Community Equity: Facebook for Enterprise

CeQ logo

Hal Stern's latest Innovating@Sun podcast interview features Peter Reiser discussing Community Equity, a social value system that measures one's online social capital. This system has been successfully used internally for over a year and is now available for general use.

The Webspace team has also made an alpha integration available for GlassFish Webspace Server via its Update Center-based developer repository, enabling portal user social capital to be accurately measured (You may also remember the CommunityOne Webcast and presentation).

You can check out the spec, participate at the Kenai project site, or follow the project on Twitter.

Future works in progress include semantic integration with Kiwi, and an implementation of the Activity Streams spec (enabling deeper integration with Facebook, MySpace, StatusNet, and other social platforms).

Friday Dec 21, 2007

Something fishy coming our way

Yellow fish

Dave Johnson had already reported previously that Roller was available from the GlassFish Update Center. This time there seems to be even more to it than just a blogging engine - see Dave's latest entry for some details about "Social Software for GlassFish".

Curious? Download GlassFish v2 ur1 and run the Update Center client (INSTALL/updatecenter/bin/updatetool). You can also read the Documentation.

Friday Jul 13, 2007

1: Share Stuff. 2: ??? 3: Profit!

Picture of a U.S. Dollar

Fans of Slashdot and South Park, rejoice! A solution to the infamous three-part business model has finally been discovered.

Well, sort of... It won't make you rich, but Sun's SDN Share Program will reward you for sharing your programming knowledge. Anyone can post tech tips, code samples, or full-blown articles. Then anyone else can vote, tag, and comment on those submissions. Bottom line: the best stuff floats to the top, and the best submitters can earn Amazon.com gift certificates. (Okay, it's not cash--but close enough to be called profiting.)

The program started back in April and, as Lou has noted, is seeing some nice usage momentum. It's built with technologies from the GlassFish community, including Slynkr. Give it a look. You might just learn something--or earn something.

Saturday May 26, 2007

Slynkr with JavaDB

Slynkr Logo

Slynkr is an Open Source Social Tagging project that was recently added to the GlassFish community. The project started with a couple of Sun-internal special efforts and both of those used an Oracle DB but Jamey has just expanded it to also work with Java DB/ Derby.

Check Jamey's blog for more details.

Monday May 21, 2007

Welcome to Slynkr - Social Tagging Software at GlassFish

Slynkr Logo

Slynkr is a Java-based package for social news, bookmarking and tagging, and Jamey just got it through Sun's Open Source Process.

Slynkr is still relatively young; its largest deployment is as a slightly customized entry in SDN Share ([1], [2], [3]). There is also a standard deployment at Slynkr.Sunwarp.Net.

More details at Slynkr.dev.java.net, and at Jamey's announcement. Check out Slynkr and post your feedback either at Jamey's blog or at the USERS mailing list. Or contribute to its development; Slynkr is part of the GlassFish community but it is quite portable and we intend to keep it so.

Saturday Oct 21, 2006

Java EE JavaDocs now at Docs.Java.Sun.Com

Duke Reading in a Comfy Chair

James has added the Java EE 5 documentation to DocWeb, his Social Network experiment in community-driven translation. Some additional navigation mechanisms are likely to show up: there are just too many classes. See James' blog for details.

Doc.java.sun.com runs on GlassFish. I have started an informal page on GlassFish Deployments at the GlassFish wiki; I'll see if I have time to add a few sites tomorrow, but feel free to add your site directly.