Monday Jul 13, 2009

MySQL Librarian - Time to Borrow Another Good Idea?


Wikis and Blogs have been critical to the success of GlassFish. I'm always interested in other tools that leverage self-publishing and social networks and our MySQL relatives just announced the MySQL Librarian, a tool very similar to Slynkr but with additional refinements... and strongly tied to the MySQL community - a tie that I think that is what is missing in SDN Share.

Check it out in Giuseppe's Intro, the Technical Article, or just go play with the Actual Website.

What do you think? We had been playing with using conventions and templates on Wikis to do things like this for the GlassFish Community but we may want to just clone the librarian - after waiting a bit to see how it plays for MySQL.

Tuesday Feb 19, 2008

Installing Social Software for GlassFish


You know about Apache Roller (behind Blogs.Sun.Com) and you may remember Slynkr (used in SDN Share), but you may not know that Dave and Jamey are Sun employees and they have been working on an Open Stack for Social Software.

The software was pushed to the GF Update Center in January and now Arun shows how to install it and get started. You can check Arun's Writeup or go directly to the screencast.

Enjoy - and stay tuned for more announcements!

Thursday Jan 03, 2008

Blogging, Content Rating, jMaki and GlassFish

jMaki Clock on Roller

The Update Center Repository includes Social Network Bundle with Apache Roller for blogging and Slynkr for content rating. You can download it very easily - check Manveen's reminder.

And, over the holidays, Dave played around with jMaki and he can now show jMaki on Roller. Check it out and let us know how it works for you!

Friday Jul 13, 2007

1: Share Stuff. 2: ??? 3: Profit!

Picture of a U.S. Dollar

Fans of Slashdot and South Park, rejoice! A solution to the infamous three-part business model has finally been discovered.

Well, sort of... It won't make you rich, but Sun's SDN Share Program will reward you for sharing your programming knowledge. Anyone can post tech tips, code samples, or full-blown articles. Then anyone else can vote, tag, and comment on those submissions. Bottom line: the best stuff floats to the top, and the best submitters can earn gift certificates. (Okay, it's not cash--but close enough to be called profiting.)

The program started back in April and, as Lou has noted, is seeing some nice usage momentum. It's built with technologies from the GlassFish community, including Slynkr. Give it a look. You might just learn something--or earn something.

Saturday May 26, 2007

Slynkr with JavaDB

Slynkr Logo

Slynkr is an Open Source Social Tagging project that was recently added to the GlassFish community. The project started with a couple of Sun-internal special efforts and both of those used an Oracle DB but Jamey has just expanded it to also work with Java DB/ Derby.

Check Jamey's blog for more details.

Monday May 21, 2007

Welcome to Slynkr - Social Tagging Software at GlassFish

Slynkr Logo

Slynkr is a Java-based package for social news, bookmarking and tagging, and Jamey just got it through Sun's Open Source Process.

Slynkr is still relatively young; its largest deployment is as a slightly customized entry in SDN Share ([1], [2], [3]). There is also a standard deployment at Slynkr.Sunwarp.Net.

More details at, and at Jamey's announcement. Check out Slynkr and post your feedback either at Jamey's blog or at the USERS mailing list. Or contribute to its development; Slynkr is part of the GlassFish community but it is quite portable and we intend to keep it so.