Tuesday Feb 24, 2009

WebORB - Now with Official GlassFish Support


Mark at The Midnight Coders reports that the latest WebORB is now Fully Supported on GlassFish. WebORB supports multiple RIA clients, including Flex, Flash, Silverlight and AJAX.

Check out the the Overview to WebORB, the Java Overview (webORB also supports .Net, PHP, Ruby and ColdFusion) and the Installation page.

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

... IDEA 8.0; First OpenSSO Express; SilverLight and Metro; xVM Server demo; OEM of VirtualBox

A compilation of today's interesting news:

Radio Receiver Icon

From JetBrains team - the release of the first Milestone of IntelliJ IDEA 8.0; including GlassFish Server support (of course); it claims to be a substantial revamp from 7.0.

Arun shows how to Access Metro from MS Silverlight. I'll come clean - I am using Silverlight to watch the Badminton Games from the Beijing Olympics.

OpenSSO is now available in the First Express Build - b5.

Sun's Press Release on OEM Deals around VirtualBox; OEM is one more way to monetize Open Source investment - we are seeing similar opportunities around our middleware OSS offerings.

Barton reports from DebCon in Mar del Plata; it looks like there is a good chance of OpenJDK being included in Lenny; keep fingers crossed.

Steve (Wilson) demoes xVM Server to redmonk's Cote.

Saturday Jul 19, 2008

Invoking GlassFish WebServices from SilverLight and .NET


In the heels of the Developer.COM Award for Metro for its interoperability capabilities here are two blog posts from Guy Burstein specifically describing how to do it: From SilverLight and From .NET Client.

Metro interoperability is a key reason for the Metro Adoption. We have had a number of GlassFish customer wins that started on a desire to interoperate with Microsoft's stack.

And it is always nice to see GlassFish mentioned at MSDN :-)