Monday Mar 05, 2012

GlassFish 3.1.2 Updated Components (Final)

Now that GlassFish 3.1.2 has been released, it's time to check on the exact list of updated components (one of the important themes in pretty much every release).

• JSF/Mojarra 2.1.6
• Grizzly 1.9.46
• Metro 2.2
• Jersey 1.11
• Shoal 1.6.17
• EclipseLink 2.3.2
• Message Queue 4.5U2
• OSGi Core 4.3.0
• Update Center 2.3.5
• Hibernate Validator 4.2.0-FCS
• JavaDB
• Weld 1.1.4.Final


About half of the bugs squashed in this GlassFish 3.1.2 release were through the integration of those recent components.

Thursday Oct 29, 2009

GlassFish v2.1.1 is Now Available

GlassFish v2.1.1 is out (Sun Distro, Community Distro). GFv2.1.1 is the foundation for SailFin v2 and includes refinements on Replication and Failure detection plus many (>200) bug fixes and other improvements. See Shreedhar' s Overview, Kevin's post, the Wiki page and PR @Oracle OpenWorld.

GFv2.1.1 also includes OpenMQ 4.4, Grizzly 1.0.30 (changes), Jersey 1.0.3 (changes), Shoal 1.1 (changes) and JSF 1.2_13. The bulk of the changes are from the GF repository (changes).

The commercial offering is via the GlassFish Portfolio. Note that GFv2.1.1 is also a patch for earlier releases (GFv2.1, itself a patch for GFv2U2) but the patch has not yet published at SunSolve. I'll post an entry at GlassFishForBusiness when it becomes available.

Friday Sep 18, 2009

Shoal 1.1 is here!


Project Shoal is the GMS (Group Management System) technology behind the GlassFish 2.x and Sailfin clustering features but it is also a standalone project which has just shipped version 1.1 (announcement).

New features include new health state and client notifications, diagnostics, failure detection and scalability enhancements, as well as an experimental cross subnet support. The list of fixed bugs is pretty long (thanks to the GlassFish and Sailfin teams and to everyone filing issues).

Code (binary and source) and documentation are all available today. Check out Shreedhar's post on this release.

This shoal 1.1 release is already integrated in the upcoming GlassFish v2.1.1 and Sailfin v2 products (both will ship simultaneously). Check out related blog posts tagged with shoal.

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009

InfoQ on Distributed JBI using OpenESB and Shoal

InfoQ published an article on distributed JBI by Derek Frankforth. In this article Derek describes different topologies and describes what topologies are available in project OpenESB. Derek reports that a new topology being developed in OpenESB is heterogeneous clustering based on Project Shoal running in GlassFish.

An interesting read! Check it out at InfoQ.

Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

... GF v3 Prelude One Pager, Author! Author!, GFv3 Logging, VirtualBox at Amazon, New Shoal, Windows News

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

Masoud is ahead of us! Check out his One-Pager on GlassFish v3 Prelude. The actual release of GFv3 Prelude will be split into two parts: the bits will go out this week but the special webinar is not until next week, on November 6th.

Packt Publishing is looking for an author to write a new book focused on the administration features in GlassFish server to complement their Java EE5 Development using GlassFish Application Server. Check out the Authors info, and contact Kshipra Singh (kshipras at packtpub dot com) if interested.

Carla writes about Logging features in GlassFish v3 Prelude. Overall, logging in GFv3 will now use the JDK logging facility but not all features are implemented yet, so check on Carla's writup to see the details and plans.

Shoal is getting close to the 1.1 release, as part of the preparations for GFv2.1 and Sailfin. Check out Changelog, Shreedhar's Summary Note, and Download Page.

VirtualBox is now available for retail purchase at (not in the US store, though). It's not yet a best seller; as of this writing, it is ranked 15,244 - let's see how if it goes up...

Plenty of Microsoft news aligned with PDC 2008. There is now a pre-Beta Windows 7 that includes plenty of consumer-friendly features like improved navigation and taskbars and multi-touch gestures, as well as lightweight, web-friendly versions of Office products. They have also announced their Cloud offering, Azure, but I've not had much time to check it except to note that Yousef is involved. On a more techie side, Rajeev reports that MS will add SAML 2 Support, which is good news for OpenSSO et al.

Tuesday Oct 28, 2008

Recent GAP blogging: multiple communities, coopetitors, and a very special winner

Map of GAP winners around the world

With GlassFish v3 Prelude fast approaching, the blogging on the GAP blog has somewhat slowed down but here are some recent posts :

There's more to GlassFish than a great open source app server...
• Sun employees could not compete, so see who else did...
• Ok, so we didn't tell you who the real #1 winner was...

There are still a few more posts to come in the next few days and weeks on the GAP blog.

Tuesday Aug 26, 2008

Shoal 1.1 update available

Shoal of Fish

Shreedhar is announcing a new build release for Shoal 1.1, the GlassFish dynamic clustering framework. Version 1.1 is work in progress and offers a JoinedAndReadyNotificationSignal, multiple clusters support for the same member (useful for Sailfin's Converged Load-Balancer), cross subnet clustering support, etc.

The most important driver for the Shoal project lately has been the Sailfin project (now in alpha stage). Compared to HTTP, SIP sessions are smaller in size but greater in number so this has been a very interesting set of constraints for this group management and data replication technology.

If you're new to the technology, Shoal is at the heart of the GlassFish v2 clustering architecture and uses JXTA as an underlying technology. This article is a nice introduction if you're new to the technology which is also used in other projects such as GreenFire.

Saturday Mar 22, 2008

Java Load Balancer and other SailFin-Driven Improvements

We are getting closer to the next GF releases (see my Previous Overview), we are seeing more features from the GFv2.1/SailFin release. Recent entries include:


• Shoal Extended with Multi-Group Membership, used in...
• Setting Load Balancers via the Converged Load Balancer (CLB).
• Improved Call Flow Monitoring that supports SIP requests.
• Flexible Application Routers

The last two are more specific to the SIP case, but the general facility of multi-group membership should be useful to many Shoal applications, and a Java-based CLB should simplify at the least the simple LB situations. I'll get more details on the the CLB and will report back.

Correction - CLB is only available in SailFin, not in the corresponding core GFv2.1. GlassFish v3 will include a java LoadBalancer. Thanks to Kshitiz for the correction.

Monday Feb 11, 2008

Shoal Articles - Learning About GlassFish's Clustering Framerwork

Photo of Shoal of French Frgate Fish

InfoQ has a Nice Article on the Shoal Clustering Framework (see TA entries). The article is based on interviews with Shreedhar and Mohamed and covers a fair amount of material including comparisons with Terracotta, JGroups, JBossCache, ehCache and SailFin.

Shoal is making good progress; I had missed that it is also used by JoNAS. Also see a short note at OpenLandscape.

Wednesday Jan 23, 2008

More GreenFire from Adam

GreenFire dashboard

As expected, and in conjunction with the OOP 2008 Conference, Adam Bien has pushed GreenFire forward by releasing code and a presentation.

As a reminder, the GreenFire project manages, controls, and reports on Heating Systems. It uses GlassFish, Shoal, and Sun SPOTS. Adam explains that this Java EE 5 application "was developed on JBoss and ported to GlassFish afterwards in few minutes". The Front-end technology can be JavaFX, RSS, or JSF.

This all sounds like a wonderful application to support teaching of Java EE. More details on GreenFire here.

Sunday Dec 09, 2007

New Shoal Article on

Project Shoal

Most GlassFish subprojects (Grizzly, Metro, Woodstock, HK2, Jersey, mq, Mojarra, ...) can be used independently from the application server. Project Shoal is no exception. This Group Management Service used by GlassFish clustering can also be applied to other use-cases.

Community members Juan Pedro Danculovic and Diego Naya have a nice article over on covering in a single place most of the Shoal features. It goes into the definition of all the basic terms such as Group, Member, Member Token, Spectator, Core, Group Management Service, Components, and Signals. The article also covers how to integrate your own code into the clustering infrastructure (not only for Java EE applications, but SE applications too). Given the artifact's size (JARs are less than 2MB), together with a stripped-down GlassFish v3, the possibilities become very interesting.

Previous Shoal resources include:
•  Previous Shoal posts
•  Other introductory Shoal article
•  GlassFish podcast interview about GlassFish Clustering and Shoal

Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

Shoal New Features

Shoal Graphics

A Shoal Project Update from Mohamed reports that the team is currently working on:

• Enabling multi cluster support
• Enabling cross sub-net and cross firewall deployment
• Solidifying lightweight cluster multicast

These new features are intended for GlassFish v2UR1 and v2.1. Check Mohamed's Overview and New Features for more details.

Monday Oct 08, 2007

Two new articles on GlassFish v2 - Clustering and Solaris Zones


When it comes to clustering in an application server, defining the vocabulary is the first thing that needs to be done. This new article does this and much more. It defines key concepts for GlassFish such as Domain Administration Server (DAS), Node Agents, server instances, discusses deployment topologies, and explains how the Shoal and JXTA technologies are used to set up the cluster and replicate data in-memory. It also provides instructions on how to get the GlassFish "Cluster" profile running.

The second article explains how the application server can take advantage of the Zones technology built in Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris. It has a quick intro on what are Solaris zones and how they provide isolated environments for application instances. Propagation among zones can complicate installations and updates, so the article going into the details of installing and using the GlassFish application server in a global or a sparse zone. It also covers upgrading from previous versions of the software that may have come bundled with Solaris.

Tuesday Aug 14, 2007

Shoal Users Guide - Clustering 101

School of FIsh

Shreedhar is beginning to document how Shoal works and has just written a Shoal 101. Shoal is the Group Management Service (GMS) used in GlassFish but it can also be used independently.

The writeup includes a Sample Example that shows how to register for group events, join a pre-defined group, get notifications of group events, send/receive messages, and leave the group.

Friday Aug 10, 2007

Shoal Clustering - With or without GlassFish

Project Shoal logo

Artima has a feature entry on Project Shoal which just reached 1.0 Early Access. Project Shoal is a Group Management System heavily used in GlassFish v2 but it can also be used in other contexts. The JXTA implementation used by default and which brings close-to-zero clustering configuration in GlassFish can also be replaced (by JGroups for instance) using the appropriate SPIs.

One of the reasons for the GlassFish v2 delay was the time needed to make sure we could go through as many customer scenarios as possible, specifically in the clustering area. Shreedhar reports on the 8-node GlassFish clustering quality tests which led to improved quality of Shoal itself. This and future use of Shoal in SailFin (the SIP supported application server based on GlassFish with Ericsson as a major contributor) shows the greater GlassFish Community at work.