Friday Jan 14, 2011

Weld Extensions is now Seam Solder and soon GlassFish-friendly

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Seam Solder is the new name for Weld Extensions and is a set of portable extensions for CDI and Java EE 6. Following the release of JBoss 6, several people asked about the status of Weld and Seam.

Weld is the CDI reference implementation and Seam is a JBoss-sponsored community effort to build modular extensions for Java EE 6. Seam targets standard Java EE runtimes and other environments where CDI is integrated. There's recently been a focus on compatibility, specifically to get Seam 3 running smoothly on GlassFish 3.1. You can read more on Seam 3 in this post by Dan Allen.

On a related note the upcoming GlassFish 3.1 will integrate Weld 1.1 Final as previously mentioned. This should remove the vast majority of CDI problems found in 3.0.1.

Sunday Mar 15, 2009

Seam-Gen Now Supports GlassFish. And First Beta of JSR299


Dan had previously made Seam work with GlassFish but he now has woven the changes back (with extra functionality) into the Seam Project. Thanks, Dan! Specially appreciated is the support for RH (JBoss 5/RichFaces) and non-RH technologies (GlassFish Server/ICEfaces).

Also newsworthy is the First Beta of JSR299, with a promised Seam bridge.

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Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

Two For One - Seam and GlassFish AND Seam and Java EE 6


As Announced Previously, tomorrow tomorrow (Nov 20th) we will cover Seam Framework and GlassFish in our webinar slot, but we will now have two presentations back-to-back.

First, at 11:00 am Pacific Time, Dan Allen (Mr. Seam in Action) will present the Seam Framework. Then, at noon PT he will be joined by Ken Saks (EJB 3.1) and Roger Kitain (JSF 2.0) for a an informal discussion on WebBeans and Seam.

Hope to see you tomorrow online. Full details are described here.

Sunday Nov 16, 2008

Nov 20th Webinar - Seam Framework and GlassFish Server


Our next webinar is on Seam Framework and the GlassFish Server this Thursday, Nov 20th. We are switching (back) to a 11:00 am Pacific Time.

The bulk of the webinar will be a presentation by Dan Allen, the author of Manning's Seam in Action and of the Mojave Linux blog. I am trying to include at least one demo and perhaps also an informal discussion on WebBeans and its companion specs (EJB 3.1 and JSF 2.0). Details will be available at the Show Wiki Page as they are finalized.

Friday Nov 07, 2008

Seam 2.1 and GlassFish


The latest release of the Seam Framework (2.1) now formally Supports GlassFish. Dan Allen will give a Webinar on November 20th on the topic (you may want to add it to your calendar), but another member of the Seam community, Jay, has written a nice note showing more examples.

Seam is related to WebBeans, which just released its Public Draft; the exact relationship is Described here.

Thursday Oct 23, 2008

... Seam and Terracotta with GlassFish, JBoss new Portal, EJB Timers, NB 6.5 Builds, Android as FOSS

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

More frameworks come with GlassFish support out-of-the-box. Seam 2.1.0 GA is out and GF support is now explicitly mentioned ([1], [2]), and Terracotta 2.7 is out, also with GlassFish support ([2]).

JBoss announces a new relationship with Magnolia (website). The tip landed in my inbox as a "new JBoss portal strategy" and there seems to be some angle there as is switching from the JBoss portal to Magnolia Enterprise, but I think of Magnolia as mostly a CMS product rather than a portal, so will keep an eye on more details. See Announcement.

NetBeans continues to get closer to NB 6.5. The community builds with the multiple localizations are now available for review and feedback - check out Masaki-san's writeup.

GlassFish v3 Prelude includes support for the EJB 3.1 draft through the new update center, and Marina has modified instructions on how to Use the EJB Timer (small modification from previous instructions).

And, as Android becomes more real, Google has Open Sourced it.

Saturday Oct 04, 2008

Seam in Action... with GlassFish Server


Dan Allen, the author of Manning's Seam In Action just posted a note explaining how to Deploy a seam-gen Project to GlassFish. The note is based on a more Detailed Description in the Seam in Action Wiki.

The instructions currently only cover WAR projects, but Dan says he will expand as soon as he has a moment. We are also trying to find a date where he can present on this topic and on JBoss Seam in general in the GlassFish Online Webinar.

Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

JPA & Seam in a sample application in a nutshell

Carol's photo

The Seam framework has previously been reported as running just fine on the GlassFish application server (in this blog by Roger Kitain for instance). In fact, JBoss clearly indicates GlassFish as a supported platform. The most recent article on that topic by Brian Leonard has inspired Carol McDonald to write about a "Sample Application using JSF, Seam, and Java Persistence APIs on Glassfish".

Carol's article has detailed steps for setup and coding with nice coloring to distinguish between Java EE, Seam and business classes/interfaces and annotations. It uses GlassFish 1 (but also works on the recently released glassfish 2 beta 3) and Seam 1.2.1 GA. You can start with the application archive which is provided as a NetBeans project and usable via ANT directly (including database creation and population) or follow the steps to create your own application from scratch.

Friday Mar 02, 2007

Most Popular Platforms for Seam: JBoss AS, Tomcat ... and GlassFish

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Michael Yuan, a Technology Evangelist for JBoss, has a list of tips on how to Use JBoss and Seam. The tips are pretty simple, and at least one of them is no longer necessary (see the comment on logging), but what caught my attention was the beginning:

...Glassfish -- ... it is probably the third most popular platform for Seam apps behind JBoss AS and Tomcat

Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

GlassFish and Spring Vs JBoss and Seam

Saber Duel by Muhlberg

What about this for a catchy title for a blog: Spring and GlassFish VS Seam and JBoss... The answer is that GlassFish is happy to work with both the Spring and the Hibernate and JBoss Seam communities.

Sorry, no duels not to the Death, ... and neither to the Pain!.

Thursday Jan 04, 2007

Seam 1.1.0 GA On GlassFish

JBoss Red Hat Logo

JBoss Seam has worked on GlassFish since 1.0.1 (original blog, update) but with some "TLC needed". Roger reports that the latest release (Seam 1.1.0GA) provides very solid support under both V1 UR1p1 and V2 b30 using Derby.

Check Roger's Blog for detailed instructions and further links.

Tuesday Jul 25, 2006

Seam on GlassFish : Update

We've covered Roger Kitain's previous work in getting Seam to run on Glasfish (here and here). In his latest blog, Roger explains how recent changes in Seam 1.0.1 GA and JBoss make Seam more portable and consequently even more straightforward to get running on GlassFish.

Friday Jul 07, 2006

Running Seam on GlassFish - An Update

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In early June, Gavin announced that Hibernate 1.0.1 ran on GlassFish (TA report). Later in the month, Brian reported success with his own example; but some readers posted some issues (see comments). Now, Warren reports success with the Booking example.

The latest update is from the comments to Warren's blog that mentions some problems with selectItems. Also see these two threads in the GlassFish forum: thread 1 and thread2.

Monday Jun 19, 2006

Seam 1.0.1 supports GlassFish

Gavin King has just announced he's released version 1.0.1 of Seam fixing some previous known issues running with GlassFish, Gavin now reports that the issues have been sorted and Seam retested on GlassFish.