Wednesday Feb 01, 2012

Java EE 6 samples delivered to your door step

Arun has a blog reminding folks about the Java EE 6 samples that ship with the SDK.

The list of code samples is pretty long and a good complement to the Java EE 6 Tutorial.


Note you can also access these samples from any GlassFish install (not just from the SDK) by adding the missing repository using :
% <install-dir>/bin/pkg set-authority -O JavaEE6SDK
% <install-dir>/bin/pkg list -a | grep samples
javaee-samples-build (JavaEE6SDK)   1.0-4 known ----
javaee-samples-full (JavaEE6SDK)    1.0-4 known ----
javaee-samples-web (JavaEE6SDK)     1.0-4 known ----

Sunday Oct 31, 2010

JavaEE 6 SDK - Now Bundled with Java SE 6u22

Oracle (like Sun) provides the Java EE 6 SDK in 4 main bundles: full or Web Profile, and with or without the JDK bundle. We just updated the JDK bundles to reflect the latest JDK: JavaSE 6u22, which includes performance improvements and security vulnerability fixes.

Although the JDK software is only available in the +JDK bundles, the top level about file (e.g. "about_sdk_web.html") has been updated and all bundles are impacted.

The effort to get this update depends on how you install it and whether you are downloading from scratch or not.  For example,  if you have the previous version and use the GlassFish update center, you will only need to update the module that has that about file; see snapshot.  And, if you are not using a +JDK bundle, that's all there is to the update.

For more details of the update process, see this older and longer entry describing the situation for JavaSE 6u21.  Related posts are tagged updatecenter.

PS: At the time of writing this note, the JavaEE SDK download page still seems to have the u21 bundles, but the Update Center repositories have already been updated.

Sunday Aug 15, 2010

Spending quality time with the Java EE 6 Tutorial(s)


If you're finding summer to be a good time to learn something new, you could look at the Java EE 6 tutorial. This book makes for a complete and detailed reference for anyone wanting to learn and use Java EE 6.

What is now available is the first part of the tutorial with the second part out soon before JavaOne (September 2010). A recent episode of the Oracle Author Podcasts explains what to expect and how the tutorial is structured.

Both tutorials (part 1 and 2) contain sample code which you'd probably want to try out for yourself, so you could simply download and install Java EE 6 SDK or GlassFish Open Source Edition 3.0.1 and get both the tutorial and examples straight from the Update Center.

This tutorial will also be published by Addison-Wesley as part of the Java Series. The title of the first part is The Java EE 6 Tutorial: Basic Concepts (600 pages) while the second part will be called Advanced Topics (408 pages).

Monday Jul 19, 2010

Java SE 6 u21 is Now Available

Java SE 6 update 21 is now available (Downloads, release notes, bug fixes).

This release includes performance improvements, support for Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, and Google Chrome, and Visual VM 1.2.2. The Java EE SDK still includes u20; an update with u21 is tentatively scheduled for next week.

The actual release was a few days ago but the official post just came out. BTW, Java SE News is now at BOC; I can't wait for BSC and BOC to be merged so we only have to track one site.

Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

Java EE 5 SDK Update 8 Now Available


We have released an updated version of the JavaEE 5 SDK. Update 8 includes Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 and Java SE 6 Update 18 (download, release notes and instructions).

Note this is the GlassFish v2 / JavaEE 5-based release; we keep it going in parallel with the new GlassFish v3 / JavaEE 6-based release as it includes features like clustering and HA support (see Comparing v2 and v3).

Expanded from @glassfish.

Wednesday Dec 02, 2009

JavaEE 5 SDK Update 8 Now Available with GlassFish v2.1.1

GlassFish v2.1.1 was Released in late October and since then it has propagated to the rest of our bundles.  First it was  Released via SunSolve, then, late last week, it was released in New JavaEE 5 SDKs.

No significant changes beyond the updated GlassFish Server; check out the overview and go download it.

Thursday Jul 31, 2008

JavaFX SDK Preview is here!

Get JavaFX SDK

Sun has just released the Preview of the JavaFX SDK. This release targets developers and scripters, is available for Windows and Mac and has the following content:

• The JavaFX compiler and runtime (2D graphics, media libraries)
• Command-line tools (javafx, javafxc and javafxdoc)
• NetBeans plugin (build, preview, debug)
• Project Nile: add-on to Adobe tools to product JavaFX
• Documentation, tutorial, samples

This is all available in an all-in-one download and provides more content than the community site.

The relationship to server-side computing is in the way JavaFX clients can interact with Java-based back-ends (including with client-side dependency injection for things like web services or EJB references). Get previous coverage on JavaFX by following the javafx tag.

Friday Jul 18, 2008

Updated GlassFish/JavaEE SDKs with latest JDK


The latest released JDK is JDK 6 Update 7; we just refreshed the Java EE/GlassFish-related SDKs to include that update - see announcement.

• Java EE / GlassFish Download Page
• Java SE Download Page

Monday Apr 28, 2008

GlassFish v2ur2 is out (and Java EE SDK, NetBeans 6.1 too)

UR2 image

GlassFish v2 ur2 (Update Release 2) is now available from the usual download pages:
Community GlassFish v2ur2 download page.
Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 ur2
Java EE downloads page (Java EE SDK, GlassFish/MySQL bundle, Open ESB, Access Manager, Portlet Container, etc).

I hear an updated version of the IzPack installer is on its way...

NetBeans 6.1 is also available in final version and it offers several bundles that include GlassFish. JavaScript support looks really good there. For more on this release, please read this earlier post.

Thursday Feb 07, 2008

Release Day! Java Application Platform SDK and NetBeans 6.0.1

Screenshot of new JavaEE SDK Download Page

Today we completed updating Sun's server-side SDKs to GlassFish v2 U1. The last one was the Java Application Platform, which includes additional components beyond those in the Java EE SDK. Check out Siraj's Note, and the new, very clear, Download Page.

And, meantime, in another part of the forest... Roman announces the Release of NetBeans 6.0.1, mostly a BugFix release, with one of the main changes being formal support for GlassFish v2 U1.

GlassFish v2 U1 rules! :-)

Wednesday Sep 12, 2007

NOTD - GlassFish on SDNtv

Radio Receiver Icon

Ken Drachnik is interviewed in the latest SDN channel episode.

This short interview is an overview of where the project stands now with a slight focus on Linux (the theme of this SDN Channel series).

Thursday Dec 14, 2006

Java EE SDK Update 2 is Out

Snapshot of Cycling Spring

Updated versions of Java EE SDK and Java Application Platform SDK (overview) are now available for download. These new versions bundle JDK 6 and are fully tested with JDK 6 as well as JDK 5.0. In addition, the Java Application Platform SDK includes Access Manager (7.1 Beta), JBI Runtime with BPEL from project Open ESB and a beta version of Portlet Container to enable development and testing of JSR 168 portlets. Developer content such as Java EE 5 samples, blueprints, tutorial and API javadocs are also included.

SJS Application Server (9.0 Update 1 Patch 1) based on Project Glassfish is included in the SDK. It contains a performance bugfix that enables record-breaking price/performance on the application tier with SPECjAppServer result of 521.42 JOPS@Standard, 19% improvement from the previous version 8.2 - see Scott's latest blog for all the details.

The Java EE Tools bundle has also been refreshed to use the Java Application Platform SDK Update 2. Check the download page; the Chinese and Japanese regional downloads will be updated very soon.

Tuesday Nov 07, 2006

Java EE SDK Download Contest

Duke Nano

Harpreet reports on the ongoing Java EE 5 SDK Contest. The SDK includes SJS AS 9.0 PE UR1 (Sun's distribution of the final bits of GlassFish V1 UR1), and the contest is to encourage you to fill in a survey to understand better your needs, specially around deployments.

As you enter the contest, please also consider adding your site - if applicable - to our GlassFish Adoption Wiki page.

Monday Oct 30, 2006

New Java Application Platform SDK is out with companion Java EE 5 SDK and SJS AS

Snapshot of Cycling Spring

Sun has added a new Java EE-related download bundle, the Java Application Platform SDK. This first release of the new SDK adds Access Manager functionality to the traditional Java EE SDK; future releases will add more functionality.

With this addition, there are now 3 Java EE 5 related bundles (see at-a-glance) all including an updated Application Server, based on GlassFish V1 UR1. And so are the new NetBeans 5.5 bundles.

Here is a brief overview of the different pieces:

GlassFish V1 UR1 - This is the community-lead project that delivers the comercial quality App Server that is also the Java EE 5 RI.
Sun Java System Application Server 9.0 UR1 - This is the Sun-supported distribution of the above. Most people will get this through one of the bundles below but here is a direct link.
Java EE SDK - The traditional SDK bundle around the above. Most developers will get the AppServer through this download.
Java Application Platform SDK - Adds additional functionality like Access Manager that is not defined by the JCP specifications but are useful to write Enterprise Applications
Java EE Tools SDK - This is a full bundle with everything in the Java Application Platform SDK plus all the relevant tools.

Java EE SDK downloads are available from the Java EE Downloads page. NetBeans-related bundles are available from the NB 5.5 Downloads.