Sunday Sep 17, 2006

Jini + Groovy + GlassFish == ComputeCycles Project

An Allocated Session in ComputeCycles

The JavaPosse is running a series of interviews on the ComputeCycles project. The first interview is quite enjoyable, specially if you are new to the area; and the interview gets better as it progresses.

ComputeCycles is based on the ideas of Linda's TupleSpaces and JavaSpaces and ComputeCycles are implementing these using Jini as the foundational infrastructure, GlassFish as the container and Groovy as configuration classes.

Jini has been around for a while and has not got wide adoption but the world has changed and this project seems well grounded in commercial use cases (financial modeling). ComputeCycles was also described at JavaOne '06 in TS 3714. We will keep tracking the project and will let you know.

Sunday Feb 19, 2006

PHP in GlassFish

PHP Logo

The GlassFish Forum has a thread on Running PHP on GlassFish. The gist of the thread seems to be that this works. The solution presented by bjb uses recipes for Tomcat given at The Tomcat Wiki and at Simple Thoughts. Bjb's last message adds some clarifications.

I would love to have additional confirmations, a full, self-standing recipe, and more information on how well does it work; if you do, please post.