Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

... Secure Attachments, SunTech Days, MEP Connectors, Code for Freedom, JVM Language Summit

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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A new Enterprise Tip, this time from Ashutosh, showing how to Securing Attachments in Web Services messages using Metro, the WS framework used in GlassFish (and several other AppServers).

Arun writes from Brazil and reports on Sun TechDays, day 1. He presented on GlassFish server and his session was packed - check out his Slides; he also covered the awards to two of our GAP winners: Reginaldo (blog, submission), and Claudio (blog, submission).

Santiago has been documenting different features of the, GlassFish-Based Mobile Enterprise Platform and has another entry providing more information on Writing MEP Connectors. See MEP Announcement and the MEP-tagged entries.

India has a very strong Code For Freedom tradition, and Sun just announced is Support of the 2008 Edition. The Sun communities included are described here; the prizes are here

News from the OpenJDK community on what seems a very successful JVM Languages Summit. I've already asked John Rose if he would be willing to give us an overview at Online Webinar and we are looking for a slot in the schedule.

Wednesday Sep 03, 2008

Scripting roundup: PHP, Rails on GlassFish

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Dick has a detailed post on "LAMP stack on GlassFish" which really focused on Caucho's Quercus PHP runtime inside GlassFish to execute Wordpress (with MySQL as the back-end obviously). The post provides database setup details and prefers standalone WAR files (carying along Quercus).

S├ębastien focuses on Joomla on GlassFish but prefers the PHP/JavaBridge route even if it requires more configuration steps including a native PHP installation.

In JRuby on Rails land, Jacob has a two-part series on how to make the GlassFish jRubyOnRails runtime pooling more effective and the AI-logic available to other scripting technologies hosted in GlassFish as well.

Wednesday Aug 20, 2008

... Rails 2.2, Arun on JSF Apps, OpenOffice and OpenESB, FishCAT turns 30!, Adobe and JavaFX

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Arun points out that Rails 2.2 is going to be multi-threaded. That's very good, specially in the context of a JRuby implementation - no need to do magical pooling of instances and the such!

And, talking about Arun, his latest TOTD entry (#42!) is a Hello World using JSF. Good to see Arun helping there; the JSF 2.0 spec includes a lot of interesting new features and we are going to need help to provide examples on how to use them!

Sebastien writes about how to his OpenESB application uses the OpenOffice Java API to Include MS Office Conversion in his application.

Judy reports that there are now 30 FishCAT members around the world that will help improve the quality of the GlassFIsh Server. All of them are non-Sun employees; I count 16 countries at the Quality Portal Home Page.

The JavaFX team provides an introduction to the Project Nile, which provides a mechanism to incorporate Adobe graphical assets into JavaFX; check out the Screencast by Jeff Hoffman and the Tutorial Document.

GlassFish JDBC Pooling for the Rails Developer


Back in Sept'07 Arun wrote about Using GlassFish's JDBC connection Pooling in a Rails App; now Ikai@LinkedIn has an updated note that includes changes since then and presents the instructions from the perspective of a Rails developer.

Ikai's note covers warbler, the MySQL Connection Adaptor and Other Code. Check out Ikai's writeup, and I hope we can tell you more about that particular use case!

Thursday Jul 24, 2008

Grails News: JNDI Data Sources, "Grails in Action" Book, NetBeans Support, and IBM DeveloperWorks


I just noticed that Glen has started working on a Grails in Action book that looks very interesting. While working on that, he is collecting good tips like Grails and JNDI Data Sources in GlassFish.

Grails continues to gain adoption (Google Trend), leveraging the strengths of the language and framework and its easy integration into the Java plaform.

NetBeans is investing to be a top IDE for Grails, see Grails Plugin for NetBeans and Integrating Meera with Grails and NetBeans, and the responses so far are very positive. All this targeted for NetBeans 6.5; I think the result will be a top IDE for dynamic languages.

Even IBM's DeveloperWorks is covering Grails, their Mastering Grails Series includes 7 articles, from Introduction to Grails to Grails and Legacy DataBases. I've skimmed the articles and they look good. Their list of AppServers "somehow" does not include GlassFish server, but don't be distracted - it should work, and if they don't, it's a bug we will fix :-)

Related entries at TheAquarium can be found via tags: Grails or Scripting.

Sunday Jul 20, 2008

Rails/Ruby News - Resources, Tutorials, Adoption Stories

Trying to catch up a bit on Ruby/Rails/JRuby related news...


Two new NetBeans 6.1 Ruby tutorials: Getting Started With Ruby and Rails and Using Java Libraries in Rails Applications. The last topic is one of the big benefits of JRuby, one example is this report of Calling into Sun's SSO and another is this Tutorial showing Invoking Java 2D Graphics.

A recent adoption story is CSI's use of JRuby in a project on Infectious disease reporting and management. Slightly older is Nick's This Blog now Powered by GlassFish and JRuby.

Overall, very nice progress on the JRuby/Rails front. I believe the last set of formal releases were: Release of GlassFish Gem 0.3.0/0.3.1 (announcement and update), and JRuby Module in the Update Centers with JRuby 1.1.1. The interest continues to grow and it is moving closer to actual deployments; perhaps time to start a commercial support offering?

PS. Arun has a whole collection of applicable entries tagged JRuby.

Friday Jul 18, 2008

Developer.COM Product of the Year Winners: Metro, NetBeans, JSR 223, JavaSE 6, PostgreSQL

ALT DESCR awards a Product of the Year and this year several of our family, friends and relatives are winners: Metro, NetBeans, JSR 223, JavaSE 6 and PostgreSQL.

Full details in the Developer.COM article: [1], [2].

Thursday Jul 17, 2008

Jython Progress - New Release, Developer Center, NetBeans Support


Tons of progress on Python and Jython. Sun now has a new Python Developers page, published an Interview with Frank and Ted and started a new Python for NetBeans project.

On the implementation front, Jython 2.5 is getting very close to Alpha - Frank is Approaching it, James is Flipping and Realizing it, Colin is happy. And Jython has More Contributors too!

All of this is generating attention in places like a new InfoQ Article. I think Jython will have a very interesting future; on my side I've always had an interest in Python because the community seems to pay a lot of attention to its evolution; time to give it a try.

Wednesday Jul 16, 2008

Upgraded Support for Grails with Metro


Martin reports on improvements to his Metro plugin that allows Web Services development with Grails. He also upgraded to Grails 1.0.3.

See Martin's note and check the Plugin page.

Tuesday Jun 03, 2008

GlassFish v3 JavaOne Scripting demo revealed


Arun has a blog entry up announcing the availability of the JavaOne '08 "TicTacToe" demo from the glassfish-scripting site. The source code for the Java EE, Rails and Grails applications are all available along with some documentation.

What makes this demo interesting is GlassFish v3's fast startup, dynamic behavior (loading the web container, the JRubyOnRails or the Groovy runtimes on demand), but also how multiple applications written in different languages and frameworks can be hosted in the same environment while sharing things such as a comet context.

Arun and the team are taking feedback on or on the GlassFish WebTier Forum. If this scripting topic is of interest to you, you should probably follow Vivek's blog, the Scripting for GlassFish lead.

Friday May 16, 2008

Scala's Lift on GlassFish v3


I'm beginning to think we "undersold" GFv3 TP2 when we called it a Technology Preview as pretty much anything we are throwing at it works! Check out Vivek's latest note on Scala Lift Framework.

Starting with a Maven Archetype, it creates a Scala Lift project using a Derby database that can deploy on GFv3 and, with a small change it can use v3 tp2 embedded for ease of development through mvn glassfish:run. Neat!

Friday May 02, 2008

GlassFish v3 - Embedded with Grails!


More GlassFish v3 news: Vivek is using the Embeddable GFv3 that Kohsuke had been working to Embed GFv3 with Grails.

I guess this is not really a pre-announcement because it was not planned; people are just playing around doing demos for CommunityOne... -) So come to CommunityOne to check it out.

Added: Also see Kohsuke's Note.


CommunityOne is free but space is limited; register now!

Friday Apr 25, 2008

Jython and Django on GlassFish

Django Logo

Further progress on the Jython and Django on GlasFish using WSGI via Modjy. Frank is making good progress (Part I, Part II) and will show the results at C1 (in S297614).

Frank is collaborating with Jim Baker and Leo who have a related Google SoC project. I'm very interested in the outcome of this project; Python has certainly changed since when I looked at it years ago!

PS. Posts for the last few days have been slow due to preparations for J1, C1, et al.. Will do my best to keep with at least highlights, but we will see.

Wednesday Mar 26, 2008

Jython Servlet on GlassFish v3

Python Logo

More progress towards the Scripting on v3 story: Vivek reports success in running his first Jython Servlet on GlassFish v3.

Check Vivek's Note for details and complete sources. Early steps, but I'm looking forward to what come out from Vivek and Frank working on this together.

Friday Mar 21, 2008

GlassFish and NetBeans Support for Groovy


NetBeans and GlassFish are making good progress with many scripting languages, the latest being Groovy, which is a particularly easy match to the Java infrastructure.

Matthias reports on the new NetBeans 6.1 PlugIn Functionality for Groovy, which includes deploying to GF v2. On the runtime-side, we recently reported on improved Grails Support on v3, and you can track our plans at the GF wiki uder GroovyGrailsPlanning.

GF and NB are collaborating with multiple scripting groups including those on Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP and Groovy. Stay tuned for more progress as we get closer to JavaOne.