Sunday Mar 06, 2011

GlassFish 3.1 SOTD #6 - Monitoring Scripting Client

In this sixth post of the SOTD (Screencast Of The Day) series following the release of GlassFish 3.1, here is Tom's Monitoring Scripting Client.

This is a feature that is part of Oracle GlassFish Server Control which comes bundled with Oracle GlassFish Server and available for free trial.

This 8-minute demo shows how this scripted monitoring command (asadmin run-script) can operate on a 2-instance cluster (setup included in the demo) using one of the 100+ fine grained probes defined in JavaScript. This is a supported version of the technology previously made available in beta form and which now obviously has been extended to clustered environments.

This screencast is hosted on the GlassFish YouTube Channel.

Thursday Dec 03, 2009

Wordpress on GlassFish v3

A common question is "How to run PHP on GlassFish".

There are several approaches but Number 9 has done a rerun of an older post, confirming that Wordpress runs like a champ on Quercus on GlassFish v3.  Thanks!

Thursday Aug 06, 2009

JVM Summit - 2009 Edition!


The 2009 edition of the JVM Languages Summit is Sep 16-18, at Sun's Santa Clara Campus. This is an "open technical collaboration among language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers, and VM architects". All reports are that last year's event was very successful, and this one is organized by the same group.

Check out the Main Page, the Agenda, and the invitations by John, JAG and Charlie.

See the Registration Online; for questions, send mail to inquire AT

Friday Jun 05, 2009

Django on GlassFish v3


Vivek just posted a detailed description of how to Run Django on GFv3. In a nutshell:

• Install GlassFish v3
• Install Jython
• Install Django

To use the admin appplication or DBs you need to install django-jython and do a few more steps. ProstgreSQL is the most commonly used DB w/ Django although, IIRC, IIRC, Frank had indicated in his C1 session that there was work on the others too.

Sunday May 10, 2009

Groovy and GroovyBlogs - This week's Webinar

This week's webinar will cover the architecture of GroovyBlogs, a blog aggregator site build by Glen Smith using Grails, GlassFish, OpenMQ and other technologies. Glen is also the author of Grails in Action.

We are also trying to schedule a second speaker to provide a technical overview of Groovy.

The presentation is on Thursday, May 14th, 12noon US Pacific, at TheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at the Show Page. Notice the different time to accomodate Canberra.

Reminder: Our news on CommunityOne and JavaOne are tagged JavaOne; and don't forget our Unconference and Party - attendance is free but registration is required, and space to the party is limited.

Tuesday Apr 07, 2009

Grails 1.1 on GlassFish v2


Grails 1.1 is available on the GlassFish v2 Update Center. Thanks to Vivek and the team for delivering on it, and to Alexis for the tip. Still working on making this available on the GFv3 Update Center; Alexis has started a series to help other groups contribute to the repository.

Related entries are tagged Grails.

Thursday Mar 19, 2009

Daemons and More - GlassFish v3 Gem 0.9.3 is Out


The GlassFish Gem is a GFv3 server for Rack-based Ruby Frameworks (specifically Rails, Sinatra, Merb). Vivek and team have just released 0.9.3 which includes improvements and features like Deamon Mode, GFrake Task, Configuration, Logging and Error Reporting, Sinatra support and more. Check Vivek's writeup for full details.

And this is a good opportunity to link to Arun's list of posts on how to test that GlassFish and JRuby/Rails are working well together, testing: GF Gem, GF v3 Prelude, GF v3, GF v2 + Warbler and GF v3 and Redmine. Check them out.

Saturday Mar 07, 2009

PHP and GlassFish - Links Update

There are two basic approaches to make PHP on GlassFish Server; one is a PHP on JVM solution like Quercus from Caucho; the other is a bridge to a traditional PHP implementation, like the PHP JavaBridge or LRWPInJava.


A quick pass shows a number of references to these approaches:

• Quercus: Number 9, John Yeary, Sebastien, Gautam, Davis, Arun, Jason.
• JavaBridge: Davis, Jose-Diaz.
• LRWPInjava: Drupal Case Study.

The bridges are technically easier because many PHP packages are not written in PHP and need to be ported, but the PHP-on-JVM solution seems easier to deploy and manage. Of course, another, very practical, solution is to just use a web server like Apache or Sun Web Server :-)

I'm interested in your experience; if you are using PHP on/via GlassFish, please consider posting a comment describing your approach.

Monday Jan 19, 2009

... Merb into Rails 3, Crossbow, Q-Layer, Open Web Server, Solaris Patches

Here are some recent news that will have an impact on many of our GlassFish users:

Radio Receiver Icon

From Ruby-land, news that Merb will merge into Rails 3. This seems a case where combining the two efforts should improve the result. We are also noticing a significant increase in the mindshare around JRuby in all these projects as the quality of JRuby continues to increase. Added - also see the Story at SDTimes.

Crossbow is the Solaris' Network Virtualization architecture and has just been released into OpenSolaris. Crossbow provides "virtualized lanes" that will scale at high performance over many cores; see Sunnay's Introduction and Ben's two posts: Announcement and Experiments. Crossbow is useful for Network Resource Allocation and will have deep implications for our Virtualization offerings - see Michaels' note from 2008 on the topic.

From the cloud computing area, Sun acquires Q-Layer; see the Press Release. Vijay has two relevant posts: an Introduction with several good links and a Terminology Overview; Om (@GigaOm) also writes about the Acquisition. Q-Layer should be a great addition to the xVM family.

We planned it a while ago, announced it in July, and it finally happened! The core of the Sun Web Server (used in places like and Sun's own BSC and Sun Forums) is now Open Source - see the announcements from CVR and Jyri. The ancestry of the code goes back to the Netscape Server but it has changed quite a bit; see Jyri's details. Sun Web Server 7.0 U4 is included in OpenSolaris but it is also available separately as part of the Sun Web Stack 1.4 and contains many features that complement the GlassFish Server.

Finally, from Solaris-land, a note that Sun is now doing Stricter Enforcement of the existing Patch Policy. No changes or impact on the situation for Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server patches - see our Sun's GF Enterprise Support.

Sunday Dec 14, 2008

New Grails Tutorial - And Other Grails and Groovy Adoption


NetBeans continues to add support for Groovy and Grails as well as new tutorials. Check the Intro to Groovy, the NetBeans.TV Screencast and the new Introduction to Grails (thanks to Charles for the tip).

Since Groovy fits very easily into Java it is easy to use with GlassFish: see Alexis' Zero to Grails in 5 and the GFv3 Prelude Docs. Also check out GroovyBlogs - Glen Smith has been running it on GlassFish v2 (Netcraft Report) for several months.

There is a clear resurgence of scripting on JVM and Groovy was very popular at Devoxx last week (see Sven's photo of the Whiteboard) - with the usual note on Sampling Errors! Related entries at TheAquarium are tagged scripting.

Sunday Nov 30, 2008

... JSF 2.0 Samples, Merb Support, More Prizes, Multi-Lingual Downloads, JavaFX, Modular JDK

A compilation of news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

JSF 2.0 went into Public Review Draft and Jim has posted more entries in his series showing how to take advantage of the new functionality. In the first one, he describes how to write an AJAX-aware Editable Text Component - sources are here. The second is a SwitchList - sources for an AJAX-aware variant are here (I suspect Jim will write about that version soon).

Arun has written two pieces on how to use the GlassFish v3 Gem with Merb. In the first one he covers the basics while the second Provides a Scaffold for a typical application. The posts have already been used successfully by Ashley Towers, Grant Michaels, iamclovin. Aded - Also check on details on Grant's Experience.

The winners of the Student Contest on MySQL and GlassFish (Official Rules, Announcement) have been announced. They are grouped into two categories, Campus Ambassadors and General Students, with one Grand Prize and several (4/3) Second Prizes on each. The winners are from Brazil (4), India (3), China (1) and the US (1). Full details (and photos) in the Winner Announcement - and thanks to Arun for the tip.

More Translations, this time of the download pages of GlassFish v3 Prelude to 7 languages: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese - see Ogino's Note;

JavaFX will be launched this Thursday, Dec 4th, but the previews are starting to show. Chris - the original inventor of F3, the precursor to JavaFX - has a Thank-you note, while Robert has published the Reference Manual (thanks to Octavian for the tip). Stay tuned for more news during the launch.

And, in the meantime, on OpenJDK-land, Mark is describing the issues involved in today's Monolithic JDK, which we need to address if we want this infrastructure to be widely available as the basis for efforts like JavaFX.

Monday Nov 17, 2008

New GlassFish GEM Release (0.9, almost there)

I'm late - Vivek and Jacob announced it ten days ago - but I can't let it go by: the 0.9 release of the GlassFish Gem is now available.


So, what does Glassfish gem get you? As Jacob writes...

Briefly, it gives you everything from glassfish v3 prelude in a small, easy-to-use package. It's a production-quality application server with all of the features that I've been talking about here: auto-runtime configuration, merb/rack support, application auto-detection, etc.

... plus a toaster... :-)

Check out Vivek and Jacob's writeups for details, including the reference to the toaster.

Wednesday Nov 12, 2008

Grails on GlassFish v3 Prelude


Last week Alexis posted a nice and short screencast showing how to use install Grails into GlassFish v3 Prelude using the new Update Center. Check out the Screencast, download GFv3 from here, and get started.

Also, don't miss Vivek's 1hr webinar tomorrow on Scripting in GFv3 Prelude covering Ruby, Python and Groovy; we decided to leave PHP for another webinar.

And you may also want to check out Vivek's mini-presentation from last week's GFv3 Prelude Launch, as well as Geertjan's writeup and screencast on Grails and AJAX.

Monday Nov 10, 2008

Dynamic / Scripting Languages Support in GlassFish v3 Prelude - Webinar for November 13th


Our next full-length webinar is on Scripting (or Dynamic) Languages in GlassFish v3 Prelude this Thursday, Nov 13th. Same usual time, 11:15 am Pacific Time.

This is a full-length (1 hour) version of the presentation that Vivek gave last week at GlassFish Day (SlideShare, Recording). Vivek will cover the multiplicity of languages supported and the technology; demos will be included

For more details, check the Schedule and Channel Overview. Hope to see you Online!

Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

This Week's Webinar - Many Languages, One Machine - the JVM Language Summit

We have one Technical Webinar this week, plus an special Webinar for the Spanish-speaking community:


• On Thursday, October 16th, 11:15am PT, John Rose, one of the leaders for the recent JVM Language Summit will talk on Many Languages, One Machine. John will be presenting from Santa Clara, but we will broadcast simultaneously through TheAquarium Online.

• Right after that, at 1pm Pacific Time there will be a Special Webinar in Spanish on the GF v3 Prelude launch. It things work as expected we may replicate this webinar for other geographies.