Tuesday May 06, 2008

GlassFish @ JavaOne - Full speed ahead

JavaOne photo

The GlassFish un-conference, party, and CommunityOne are behind us (and things went really, more on that once things settle down). Now JavaOne just started and there's plenty of GlassFish content. Rajeshwar has a convenient one-pager for GlassFish activities for the remainder of the week.

Check it out and make sure if you're at JavaOne to stop by one of the GlassFish booths to say hello and chat about any GlassFish topic you may have.

Thursday Nov 08, 2007

First GlassFish v3 Schedule

GFv3 logo

Abhijit has pushed out the latest GlassFish v3 schedule. As it was the case with GFv2, this is our best guess at the moment and we will adjust it real-time as new data occurs.

Note that is a release (TP2) aligned with JavaOne 08 (no surprise!) which should deliver a very competitive web tier / web services / scripting container. Check details at the GlassFish Wiki.