Thursday Sep 09, 2010

Friday Tips #7: YourKit Profiler, Improvements in Metro, Scala and JSF, Chameleons...

Here are some tips that have been recently published on Java EE 6 & GlassFish:

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• YourKit Java Profiler (Overview) 9.0 Released with Support for GlassFish 3
• YourKit Java Profiler 9.5 Early Access Program
Security Token Service and Identity Delegation with Metro
JAX-WS RI web services deployment made simplified
New Asynchronous Servlet Transport in JAX-WS RI
wsimport -clientjar option to ease the client-side web service programming
Scala, JSF 2, and NetBeans
JSF 2.0 hello world example
Chameleon GlassFish (X-Powered-By: and Server:)
• StackOverflow - Q&As for GlassFish and Hudson
Recent label and matrix project improvement (for Hudson)

Let us know if you have seen or published a detailed tip like shown above and we'll be happy to share them.

Wednesday Jul 15, 2009

Jersey 1.1.1 EA - Now Available (getting closer to GFv3!)


Paul has announced the availability of Jersey 1.1.1 EA, based on the draft for JAX-RS 1.1 (see JAX-RS 1.0 spec and Changelog). To learn more about Jersey you can see the Getting Started Document and the Jersey User's Guide, check out Paul and Marc's Webinar, or browse through previous entries.

Jersey is also collaborating with JFA's Atmosphere framework, and, since Paul is a fan of Scala, also supports Lift. Overall, very good movement towards GFv3. More details at Paul's announcement.

Saturday Jun 07, 2008

(New) Golden Age of Programming Languages? Scala and Jersey


The late sixties and seventies saw an explosion of programming languages but then we went through a consolidation. I am still grateful that Java saved me from C++, but I like the renewed interest in other languages.

Languages with following include Ruby('95), Python('91) and Erlang('87) as well as newer additions like Groovy('03) and Scala('03). Paul certainly likes Scala, here is his JavaOne Jersey Demo in Scala.

Many of these languages are using our trusty JVM, now under Open Source. That can simplify development and adoption, so maybe we will have another golden age of Programming Languages!

Friday May 16, 2008

Scala's Lift on GlassFish v3


I'm beginning to think we "undersold" GFv3 TP2 when we called it a Technology Preview as pretty much anything we are throwing at it works! Check out Vivek's latest note on Scala Lift Framework.

Starting with a Maven Archetype, it creates a Scala Lift project using a Derby database that can deploy on GFv3 and, with a small change it can use v3 tp2 embedded for ease of development through mvn glassfish:run. Neat!

Monday Sep 24, 2007

Deploying Scala on GlassFish

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A tip from Paul Sandoz:
Deploying Scala resource classes; this includes deploying onto GlassFish.

Running Scala on Jersey

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Paul shows how to use Scala and the latest Jersey to implement a simple REST request. The Scala code looks very readable and Paul includes commentary on the code. Check it out!

I am looking forward to an explosion of experimentation in Language Design, all of them running on the JVM and on GlassFish (specially v3) on the server-side.