Monday Mar 28, 2011

Java EE 6 gets an updated tutorial and Java EE 7 a press release

Ian tells us the Java EE 6 has an updated tutorial with more advanced topics and a new "Duke's Tutoring" case study. Get your Java EE 6 SDK copy here (GlassFish 3.1 and latest tutorial included) or directly the tutorial.

We've previously covered the unanimous vote on the submission of Java EE 7 and related JSRs, well now here's the Press Release with quotes from IBM, RedHat, SAP and Oracle.


Friday Jan 23, 2009

Two new components in project OpenESB


Two new components were introduced in the OpenESB project. They are both JCA Resource Adapters, one for HL7, and one for SAP. This brings the number of components in the OpenESB community to 45. Although both adapters originated in Java CAPS and were released as part of Java CAPS 6, they are in the incubator in OpenESB until they are made part of the automated build process.

For more information see the OpenESB home page and the Component Catalog.

Sunday Jul 20, 2008

Configuring MEP Connectors for SAP Applications


More MEP Information; after Santiago's Deployment Overview, Art provides a description of how to Configure the Gateway for Access to SAP Applications.

Access to Enterprise Resource Planning is a typical use of MEP and SAP ERP is one of the leading vendors there. Art's post has detailed screenshots and instructions and will get you started quickly.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

SSO from Sun Java System Access Manager to SAP via SAML

Welcome Page of SAP EP

Another neat technical article just hit the wire over at Sun Developer Network: Achieving SSO With Sun Java System Access Manager and SAML. Vasanth Bhat and Marina Sum look at how to integrate Access Manager with a third party application - in this case SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal 2004s - via SAML. Neat stuff!

Friday Sep 29, 2006

Java EE 5 Ecosystem Grows

The Java EE ecosystem grew a little bigger today as SAP announced that their Netweaver Application Server has passed Java EE 5 certification.