Sunday Dec 05, 2010

JavaOne going international - Sao Paulo & Beijing!

JavaOne Brazil and China are now around the corner and several of us on the GlassFish team have been busy preparing for both of those events. Specifically, Ludo, Arun (see his blog post), Jerome, Alexandra, Roberto and Alexis will be traveling to deliver technical keynotes, hands-on labs, technical sessions, and to staff the DEMOgrounds pods.

We know this will be a great opportunity to meet existing and new Java EE developers as well as GlassFish users. So come and talk to us if you're attending on or the other!

The Sao Paulo event (see previous post) starts this Tuesday and seems to have already created some excitement among the local Java community with Fabiane Nardon and "JavaMan" Bruno Souza as key stakeholders in the event organization including the JavaOne call for papers.

The Beijing event is coming up a week later (Jan 13th) and will have very similar content. Every English presentation will also be offered in Chinese (slides + simultaneous translation) which is putting some pressure on the speakers to avoid the "too much content" syndrome. This will be held at National Convention Center, right next to the Olympic stadiums (the "bird's nest" and the Aquatics Center).

Final content and schedule for both events are now available. Let the show and fun begin!