Tuesday Jun 17, 2008

More news on Ericsson SDS and Netbeans support for SailFin

Sailfin logo

Ericsson Mobility World has posted more information about Service Development Studio (SDS) integration with SailFin (Sun GlassFish Communications Server). A new release of SDS supports SailFin and an extensive tutorial explaining the integration is available here.

On the netbeans front, Vince reports the availability of SIP Application Development Module Suite from the netbeans update center. Newest bits are available in the lib/tools/netbeans directory of the SailFin installation itself.

b37 of SailFin is available now and it contains a number of fixes for performance and longevity. Check previous entries on Sailfin at TheAquarium also.

Monday Jan 14, 2008

Better Sailfin integration in NetBeans 6.1

SIP node in NetBeans 6.1

NetBeans 6.1 Milestone 1 is feature-frozen. Vince reports on the improved integration with the sailfin project with :
- Explicit reference to Sailfin in the 'Add Server Instance' dialog (vs. GlassFish)
- SIP Servlet applications visible in the "Services" tab

If you feel brave-enough to test the latest nightly builds, follow this link. As it stands, NetBeans 6.1 is stalled for the end of April.

Previous coverage of sailfin is HERE.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2007

Sailfin, JSR 289, and NetBeans tooling progress

20th century phone

Sailfin development is moving along quite well and the recently posted Public Review for JSR 289 (SIPServlet 1.1, one of the technologies implemented in Sailfin) is taking us one step closer to development of converged SIP/HTTP applications.

Vince is reporting on the Module Suite for NetBeans 6.0 for SIPServlet development with Sailfin and the community involvement in that effort. NetBeans modules are available here and they integrate a SIP protocol level test agent.

Thursday Nov 08, 2007

Sailfin Tooling Update

Vince Kraemer

Sailfin development is moving along nicely and so is it's tooling part now with SIP Application Development Module version 0.2 for NetBeans 6.0 and a detailed installation document.

•  new is a "Converged Servlet Application" project template.
•  full specifications are listed in this document.

As detailed in this document, the next sailfin milestone build in December is Feature freeze.

Tuesday Oct 30, 2007

Using NetBeans 6.0 to Develop SIP Servlets for SailFin

Screen from SIP Plugin

Vince is working on the tools for SailFin and just released version 0.1 of a NetBeans 6.0 plugin starting with some earlier work by Ludo.

Details in the writeup by Vince, including how to download the NB module. The full Functional Spec is at the GlassFish wiki and you can file issues (bugs and RFEs) here.

Sunday Jun 24, 2007

Sailfin progress report - builds available

SIP support in NetBeans

SailFin (the Communications/Telco Application Server) was Announced at Java One and we have reported since then on a couple of SIP applications: Click to Dial (full code available) and Conference Manager (soon available).

You can also read this intro to SIP, use this documentation to use a vanilla SIP proxy and SIPp to generate traffic, and use tooling support in NetBeans (development using Web Applications with the SIP Servlets Framework) as described here.

But maybe most importantly, nightly builds are now available from http://sailfin.dev.java.net/ (about 60mb, GlassFish runtime included). The first milestone is scheduled for August

If you're interested in SailFin source code, look here or here.