Thursday Aug 26, 2010

More Hudson Adoption - CloudBees Provides HAAS

The adoption of Hudson continues in many (or should I say all?) fronts.  At some point it seemed to be mostly just Sun, but now it is Oracle and a whole cast of other companies and groups.

Today's addition to these movement is CloudBees a startup whose team includes a bunch of old friends, including Sacha, VivekP and BobB. As Bob and Sacha explain, CloudBees comes with two services DEV@cloud (SAAS for developers) and RUN@cloud (PAAS for production).  The first piece - today's announcement - is about DEV@cloud, which is all around HaaS - Hudson As A Service. Very nice!

Welcome aboard, CloudBees - you can follow them at @CloudBees. Added And here is KK's welcome.

Hudson momentum is strong and wide.  And does not show any significant negative impact from the Oracle acquisition of Sun, nor from Kohsuke's departure to his own start-up.  If anything, the wider number of participants has energized the community (see Hudson-Labs) and seems to have solidified the role of Hudson as the leading CI product.  Doing a quick recap...

Andrew just wrote a note reporting on the (anonymous) data collected from Hudson via the Update Center (you can opt-out, see his post).  The result shows a growing number of connected installations (~23K, see image at left), plus whatever is behind firewalls.

Coincidentally, John has started a new (2010) poll on Build and CI tools, and Hudson currently shows >65% (although this is a self-selected poll, which has methodological issues, it is hard to argue with 65%).

There are many other signs of increased adoption.  Some of the non-Oracle companies are MikeCI, CollabNet (here and here), Sonatype (here), and JFrog (here).  Hudson is also strong at Oracle - its internal use has continued to grow both at "Sun legacy" and at "Oracle classic", and Winston Prakash very recently joined the Hudson@Oracle team and has already started contributing as part of the Development Tool Offering at Oracle.

And Kohsuke continues to be fully engaged, now with his InfraDNA hat, where he was recently joined by Kedar.

As Sacha signs off... Onward!

PS - Add comments with links to other companies I missed and I'll rev the post.  Now, or whenever you move out of stealth mode...

Sunday Feb 01, 2009

Your Data Center is Your (Cloud) Computer

Doug (Division VP) and Lew (CTO) have started fleshing out Sun's Cloud story.


Lew has given several interviews; check @Overcast (podcast available) and @IW. From the latter:

We see a future where there are a bunch of clouds, both public and private clouds, and companies will be able to build scalable apps that are self-provisioning.

From Dave, you can check out his Chalk Talk and listen to his BlogTalk Radio.

The Cloud terminology seems to be settling into SAAS, PAAS and IAAS; see [1], [2], [3] and [4]. I expect continued diversity in the technologies used but Sun's software portfolio - including Q-layer - seems well suited to several markets, including private enterprise clouds.

Thanks to Vijay for the initial tips on the terminology posts.