Saturday Oct 11, 2008

From MS IIS to GlassFish - Netcraft tells a story, we want yours too


One of Netcraft's services shows what a site is running, now and historically. Using it you can see how moved from MS's IIS to GF (live, snapshot) and then followed (live, snapshot). Hopefully more companies in the RTL Group will follow suit.

We are always interested in adoption stories of GlassFish. If you find a site that is running on GlassFish, or participated in one such adoption, let us know at stories at sun dot com.

Friday Feb 22, 2008

GlassFish in the Media - RTL

RTL logo

Some five months after the first release of the cluster-enabled GlassFish V2, deployment stories are showing up at a faster rate.

RTL, the #1 radio in France with over 7 million daily listeners. Their public portal and several internal applications are now happily running GlassFish V2. You can read more details from this post and this interview.

Comet is listed among the technologies used (but not quite in production) to enable notification from server to clients. This is interesting because many consider this GlassFish v2 extension as a bit futuristic (granted, Comet hasn't been around for all that long). The reality is that, while not enabled by default (a simple flag needs to be set), this is a fully supported feature of the current GlassFish V2 product.