Sunday Dec 16, 2007

The door between Hell and Heaven? Documentation! GlassFish Installation Experience

Dante's Hell

This was an interesting exchange. Jevgeni, of JavaRebel et al, wrote GlassFish Installation from Hell after trying out GlassFish and prompty got plenty of feedback. Most of the commenters pointed to RTFM (e.g. James's note) but I think we should not dismiss his feedback too quickly.

Jevgeni has several valid points: there are no installation instructions in the download itself and the download is a jar that requires extra flags (more heap size). We should be able to improve the situation even before GFv3; the heap size may be harder to remove, but even switching to a ZIP of the JAR + Instructions would help. Even just a sharper download page might help!

Note the installation experience of the Java EE SDK is quite different, but that installer is not Open Source and it is not used in the Java.Net Downloads.

PS. Jevgeni, do let us know when you get JavaRebel (and JSPWeaver?) running on GlassFish.