Wednesday May 16, 2007

SWDP Release 2 Now Available - Web.Next for GlassFish

A photo of a toolbox

A bit lost in the noise of JavaOne was the announcement of the Release of SWDP R2. This is a bundle (home page, download page) of a several key Web 2.0 technologies that can work on Java containers, including Tomcat and GlassFish.

The technologies include: jMaki, Dynamic Faces, Phobos, WADL, Rome, and Rome Propono. Also included are some Java APIs for REST which were the original submission on JSR-311; and check Paul's recent blog for a report on how that is going...

Wednesday Nov 15, 2006

Time for ROME 1.0?

ROME logo

Atom is the future of Feed formats, but the present is very much still here in its full glory. The ROME project is great in dealing with this situation but ROME has been a bit under-resourced recently. Now Dave says that he is Interested in Revitalizing the project, which makes sense since Roller depends on ROME, and would be a great thing to do anyhow. If you want to help, talk with Dave.

Dave is also working again on his BlogApps project, and he says he already has one helper: Ramesh.