Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

Identity Manager 8.0 is Out


Identity Manager is part of Sun's Identity Offerings, which also includes our old friends OpenSSO and OpenDS. The latest release (8.0) includes Improved Role Support, Enhanced Reporting, More Resources, and new platforms. For more details, see: Home, Download (Localized GAs due July 14th) and Docs.

IdMgr 8.0 is not (yet?) Open Source (unlike its NetBeans plug-in), but the download is free. IANAL, but my reading of the license seems to imply free RTU with some constraints like a limit to identities used in some use cases.

Otber useful links include:

Identity Podcasts
Mani's Summary of the release highlights.
• Companion Role Manager product.
Bert's Note
• Sean's Cryptic Non-Announcement.