Saturday Apr 10, 2010

Replays for GlassFish Roadmap Now Available

The replays from our presentation on the GlassFish Roadmap are now available in different formats, including SlideCast (Slides with synchronized audio):

Direct PDF link
• SlideCast English, French, Spanish.
• MP3 direct links English, French, Spanish

I believe Alexis will create some GlassFishPodcast entries for it.

We will provide an update if we make additional languages available.

Thursday Mar 25, 2010

GlassFish Update - Roadmap, Naming, Open Source


Adam, Alexis, John and I gave our first GlassFish Community Update after the Oracle acquisition. The Slide Deck was short but covered the most important topics, including Naming, Roadmap, Distributions, Licenses and Open Source.

It was a good meeting, although I forgot to hit the "record" button! For now, you can find the slide deck here.

I will find the time next week to record the presentation and will make that available too. We will also record in other languages; I'll do Spanish, Alexis will do French, and I'm sure I can find volunteers for others.

Monday Mar 22, 2010

Which Way From Here? GlassFish RoadMap


Do as Alice and ask one of our Cheshire cats about the roadmap for the open source GlassFish Server under the new Oracle ownership.

The first opportunity is Tuesday morning, at 9am PT, when Steve Harris will provide a short overview during his EclipseCon keynote. EclipseCon also has other opportunities.

Then, on Thursday at noon PT, I will dust off the old TheAquarium Online and will host a community meeting on the topic; check the GF.TV Wiki tomorrow for a confirmation on the concall information.

Replay / slide information will be made available afterwards at

Sunday Mar 21, 2010

GlassFish and Friends at EclipseCon

EclipseCon is next week. The program includes many interesting entries, including a keynote from Jeet and Steve that will include an overview of the GlassFish roadmap under Oracle.

I did a quick pass through the program to extract the presentations related to GlassFish, friends and relatives; here is a (surely partial) list:


Online Program
• Jeet and Steve's Keynote on Community and Adaptation
• Panel with the Oracle Execs about The Future of the Java Platform
• Panel on The Future of Open Source.
• Panel on AppServers.

Sessions include:

Wednesday Oct 14, 2009

Update to GlassFish v3 Schedule


Abhijit has announced an update to the GlassFish v3 fcs schedule. We could not keep the previous date due to a black-out period at the JCP (EC elections) and moving the date forward proved to be unworkable for several reasons - including the current Java.Net problems - so we moved the date out by two weeks.

New dates set the hard code freeze (HCF) date to Nov 9, 2009, with a final release by Dec 10. Full details at Schedule Page@Wiki.

Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

Updated GlassFish v3 FCS Schedule

A couple of weeks we provided an update of the GlassFish v2.1.1 Schedule; it's now time to do the same with that for GlassFish v3.

The key driver for GlassFish v3 is JavaEE 6. This means GFv3 leverages the expertise of the wide JCP community and our users have the benefits of a standard but... it also means we don't control all the variables - which is ultimately good, but can be painful in the short-term.


We knew things could get complicated when JSR 330 appeared in mid-May, after the PFD for most of JavaEE 6, and was later accepted by the JCP EC. The relationship between JSR 330 and JSR 299 was resolved recently and both will be part of JavaEE 6, so it was just a matter of doing the numbers, and...

The answer is about 8 weeks. The updated GF v3 Roadmap puts the FCS at Nov 24th, just in time for Thanksgiving@USA. The change propagates to NetBeans 6.8 (roadmap) as well as follow-up releases to GFv3 (exact dates still shimmering).

So, that's the new date. It's actually quite good, considering the magnitude of the last-minute change. Overall, I know 330 will make for a better release - just let's hope that next time submissions don't come so late in the cycle... See GlassFish+v3

Saturday Aug 01, 2009

Midway in the March Towards JDK 7


Mark announced the availability of JDK 7 M4 (downloads) which is roughly mid-way through the Milestone RoadMap.

M8 is the last milestone, due in early Jan'10, then are RCs and Final releases. That would give plenty of time before J1'10, except that some details are still pending...

The Feature List is quite interesting. Besides features I already knew about, like G1 GC and InvokeDynamic Support, the list includes a couple of new Network APIs SCTP (Wikipedia) and SDP (Wikipedia) and ECC Support.

Monday Apr 06, 2009

Map of the GFv2 Family... Or, Name That Release!

Last week Sun released the latest patch (commercial) release in the GFv2 family and I've updated the corresponding entries in GF for Business. The relationship can be depicted graphically as follows:


Note that GFv2.1 is also GFv2U2p6 and GFv2.1p1 is also GFv2U2p7.

GFv2.1 is playing double-duty as we follow the Enterprise Support Model where we provide regular patches to our customers which we then incorporate in the next public release.

Additional links:

GF v2 - Release Overview.
GFv2.1 (aka GFv2U2p6) - Release Overview.
GFv2.1p1 (aka GFv2U2p7) - Release Overview.
JavaEE and GF SDKs and Java.Net - Public Downloads
GlassFish Portfolio - Commercial Offering

Wednesday Apr 01, 2009

Update on GlassFish v3 Plans and Schedule


John has posted an Update on GF v3, which will come in multiple releases, like v2.

The first release (v3) is driven by JavaEE 6 compliance and the specs schedule; we will have a solid EA by JavaOne but the final release is scheduled for the end of September. GFv3 will also have the embedded API and the Web Profile. The next release after that (v3.1) will add HA Clustering, Centralized Admin and more product features.

Check out the Schedule details and the Functional Specs. And keep giving us feedback on the release so v3 is as good as you deserve.

Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

TheAquarium Online - Now with SlideCasting (Feeback Wanted!)


I've added SlideCasting to the recordings of the TheAquarium Online shows. The first 3 presentations are from last week's OpenSSO Overview, Adoption and Roadmap presentation; see, for example, the OpenSSO Roadmap by Sidharth Mishra.

SlideShare.Net provides a nice tool to create these SlideCasts but every format adds to the time I spend on this, so I am considering dropping a format or two. Please consider visiting this Doodle Poll to vote for your favorite formats.

Thursday Dec 04, 2008

Jersey News - 1.0.1 in Update Center; New Examples; Roadmap; Webinar


Jersey 1.0.1 is Now Available with many changes and improvements, including improved integration with Spring, new MIME multipart API, Maven archetypes, samples, and IoC SPI (see Paul's overview). The easiest way to install it is from the Update Centers: GFv3 UC and GFv2 UC.

The Jersey team is already working on the next release 1.0.2 (see Roadmap), and also collaborating with the EJB 3.1 EG on the Integration with EJB 3.1.

Arun also recently published two new tips on Jersey: Jersey and Embedded GlassFish and Jersey's Client API. And you may also want to pencil in January 15th for a Webinar set on this area - see GlassFish.TV schedule.

Sunday Nov 02, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 RC Available


NetBeans 6.5 is scheduled to be released on November 20th (see Roadmap). NB 6.5 includes many new features and is the first NB release to include GlassFish v3 (Prelude); you can help its quality by testing the latest Release Candidate.

Check out:

Overall Information on the RC release.
• Latest New and Noteworthy features - also see those of previous milestones, M1 and M2.
Download site for sun-distributed builds
Community-Localized builds (thanks to katakai for the tip)

Saturday Aug 16, 2008

GlassFish Roadmap v2.1/v3 - An update

The Road Ahead

It's time for another update on the various GlassFish releases roadmaps. Harpreet Singh has just posted a updated draft schedule for GlassFish v2.1, the next major public release of the v2 branch (as of this writing, the current public release is v2ur2).

While GlassFish v2.1 is scheduled to ship in its final version in December, the team is also working on the v3 branch and will actually ship the v3 prelude release (Roadmap) in a couple of months (we just passed code freeze).

Let's not forget to mention the "patch" releases for customers with a GlassFish subscription. GlassFish 2ur2 Patch 2 is the latest release there. You can follow these releases tailored for production usage on the GlassFishForBusiness. Finally, Sailfin V1 alpha shipped recently. This version is aligned with v2.1 mentioned at the beginning of this note.

Friday Jun 20, 2008

Grizzly 2.0 Started - Alexey and JFA


Alexey has taken over the lead development role for Grizzly 2.0 - with JFA's guideance - and he has started working on Grizzly 2.0. This arrangement will increase our investment in Grizzly while leaving some extra time for JFA to start a new related project (stay tuned).

Grizzly 2.0 will build on 1.x and is planned for the end of CY08 - to be included in a GF v3 release. Check out the Roadmap, Draft, Discussion and Alexey's Announcement.

I need to learn more about Russian nicknames, names, patronymics, etc (see Alexis)... although I should not complain, did you know that Paco and Pancho are Francisco or that Pepe is José? :-)

Saturday Jun 14, 2008

OpenDS 1.0 Release Candidate


The Release Candidate for OpenDS 1.0 is now available. The RC follows the earlier M1 Milestone (Feb 29th); Ludo describes it as "complete, stable and suitable for testing by any user".

Check the Build Details and please provide feedback through Project Issues or the Mailing List.

The first release is intended for Early July; for tentative dates for other releases check the Project Roadmap. Additional details in Ludo's Announcement.