Tuesday May 13, 2008

Happy GlassFish v2 user gives v3 a first ride


Dick ("Number9"), a happy GlassFish v2 customer (lots of nice content here), has a review of GlassFish v3 TP2. He goes through the user experience of installing, starting and updating (web UI) the application server. It also details simple deployment and where to find documentation.

Dick is very much production-focused (not that it's a bad thing ! ;) so it may be useful to add that GlassFish v3 TP2 also offers an update tool to install one or all of the following: EJB 3.1 preview, jRubyOnRails (no more WAR packaging required), Grails, Jersey, metro, and jMaki.

GlassFish v3 TP2 is available for download from http://glassfish.org/downloads/v3 (21 Megs).

Friday Nov 16, 2007

Nice review of the recently published GlassFish book

David Salter has a nice review of the recently published GlassFish book (see previous post).

GlassFish book

The approach sounds pragmatic for both Java EE and GlassFish covering from basic webapp definition to GlassFish installation & testing. It also mentions JMS, JAX-WS, security realms and third party frameworks (Seam, facelets, ...) usage & configuration. Overall a very positive review closing with the book being a

highly recommended book for developers who are new to Java EE 5 development or the GlassFish Application Server

Have you bought/read the book?

Saturday Apr 14, 2007

Great Review of Sun WebServer 7.0

Sun Web Server in a Box

ServerWatch has a very positive review of Sun WebServer 7.0 that concludes:

In summary, Sun Web Server is generally two times as fast as Apache...

The Sun Web Server is fast, flexible, scalable, and a downright joy to run. Other Web servers may still have some benefits, mainly because of administrator familiarity, but if performance and ease of management are paramount, Web Server is the way to go.

You can Download and use Sun WebServer 7.0. Development and Deployment is free; Sun's revenue is from Support.

Wednesday Apr 04, 2007

Second Grizzly 1.5 Architectural Review

Blueprints of galleon LaBelle

The Grizzly team (JFA, Charlie, et al.) are finalizing the release 1.5, which is HTTP-protocol independent. The Initial Review of Grizzly 1.5 was very succesful with plenty of non-Sun attendance.

Charlie and Jean-Francois will lead today's (10am PST, April 4th) follow-up review; details at JFA's blog. Or, if you miss the call, that gives you a excuse to go to Brazil

Thursday Dec 21, 2006

ONJava - GlassFish is a Java Technology Winner

ONJava Logo

Steve Anglin has chosen the GlassFish App Server as one of the 2006 Java Technology Winners (blog). Other technologies mentioned with substantial GlassFish involvement include JSF, Ruby and jRuby, AJAX, TestNG, NetBeans and Java SE 6.

Also check Chris Adamson's review and predictions for 2006 and 2007.