Tuesday Feb 19, 2008

More retailers buying into GlassFish - Carrefour

Carrefour Belgium logo

Carrefour is the #1 European retail company (#2 worldwide) and the 9th largest employer worldwide. Its Belgium subsidiary is now using GlassFish in production.

This is a fairly tactical use of GlassFish to solve an integration problem between their SAP backend and their account synchronization tool. Interestingly enough this runs on a set of IBM blades (read all the questionnaire here).

A more strategic approach for GlassFish is scheduled by Carrefour Belgium with the use of the forthcoming Java CAPS Release 6 product. This is Sun's SOA suite building on the SeeBeyond and OpenESB technologies to deliver a Java EE 5-based (GlassFish) complete solution for composite applications.

Make sure you read the details on this GlassFish story. Clearly, European retailers are making good use of GlassFish.

Monday Jun 04, 2007

Latest GlassFish production "Story" - Auchan

Auchan Logo

In the latest addition to Stories Architect Guillaume Bilodeau shares his experience selecting and later transitioning to GlassFish for the Russian subsidiary of Auchan, one of the biggest retailers in the world (Map, Finances).

In the story and in the questionare Guillaume explains how and why they chose GlassFish over JBoss and others, how they moved existing code to the newer platform from Oracle's application server, what frameworks they use, and finally how the project went from some skepticism over the product choice to happy GlassFish customers.

Stay tuned - we expect more adoption stories in the near future as GlassFish V2's goes final with out-of-the-box enterprise features like custering.