Monday Jan 31, 2011

GlassFish 3.1 RC 1 (Release Candidate 1) is here - Mojarra, Jersey, Weld, and others integrated


Build 40 is GlassFish Release Candidate 1 (RC1) (when in doubt, remember to check the magic decoder ring).

This near-final version, integrates Jersey 1.5 (see Paul's release announcement), Mojarra 2.1.0 Release Candidate 2 (see Ed's announcement), Grizzly 1.9.30, EclipseLink 2.2.0 RC3, Weld 1.1.0 final (see previous post), and JavaDB

Just like previous milestones and promoted build, you can get RC 1 from

Here's a list of the artifacts, as a prelude to the final release :

Full Platform - ZIP (78MB) | ZIP (multi-lingual) (93MB) | Windows installer (52MB) |
Windows installer (multi-lingual) (61MB) | \*nix installer (52 MB) | \*nix installer (multi-lingual) (60 MB)

Web Profile - ZIP (44 MB) | ZIP (multi-lingual) (56 MB) | Windows installer (32 MB) |
Windows installer (multi-lingual) (38 MB) | \*nix installer (32 MB) | \*nix installer (multi-lingual) (38 MB)

Update: RC2 was released.

Monday Jun 21, 2010

Metro 2.0.1 is here


Metro 2.0 was released together with GlassFish v3 and Java EE 6 last December (2009) and had a lot in store around JAX-WS, WSIT (WS-\* beyond the Java spec), and good old JAXB. As announced by Marek, it's now time for Metro 2.0.1.

Metro 2.0.1 includes JAX-WS (RI) 2.2.1 (update: see Jitu's announcement) and is already integrated into GlassFish 3.0.1 but will also work with other containers such as Tomcat. The best developer experience at this point is probably using NetBeans 6.9 but support in other IDEs are making good progress and there's of course the command-line.

Plans for GlassFish 3.1 are to integrate Metro 2.1 and offer session failover for WS-RM and SecureConversation sessions (see recent community update from earlier this month). Full details in the Metro 2.1 one-pager.

Thursday Apr 22, 2010

NetBeans 6.9 beta available

NB 6.9 beta

The NetBeans team has now made version 6.9 beta available. Looking at it from the Java EE perspective you'll notice a focus on CDI (JSR 299 - Context and Dependency Injection) with improved support over 6.8. This includes proper EL completion on @Named beans, automatic creation of beans.xml, and more. This version of NetBeans ships (in the "Java" bundle) with GlassFish 3.0.1 b14 (see GlassFish Community Roadmap for details on the development schedule of this version).

There are no less than four tutorials on CDI: Getting Started with Contexts and Dependency Injection and JSF 2.0, Working with Injection and Qualifiers in CDI, Using CDI Injection to Perform Custom Validation, and Working with Events in CDI. In the web development space, you'll also get CSS refactoring and RESTful Web Services support for RCP apps.

OSGi and JavaFX are two other major themes in this 6.9 beta release. NetBeans now offers OSGi interoperability at the core platform level which makes it possible to develop and consume OSGi bundles with Felix 2.0.3 and experimental Equinox support. One can now also convert NetBeans modules into OSGi bundles and run them in an unmodified OSGi container.

On the JavaFX front, this release integrates the Composer (a visual editor for form-like UI, previously in preview) and more generally support for JavaFX 1.3 (SoMa). This version of the technology offers new and enhanced UI controls, TV development support and across the board performance improvements.

For more details on this release (PHP, Spring, C++, and more), check out the Product Page. Next stop for NetBeans 6.9 : June! Until then, make sure you try out the beta.

Friday Sep 18, 2009

Shoal 1.1 is here!


Project Shoal is the GMS (Group Management System) technology behind the GlassFish 2.x and Sailfin clustering features but it is also a standalone project which has just shipped version 1.1 (announcement).

New features include new health state and client notifications, diagnostics, failure detection and scalability enhancements, as well as an experimental cross subnet support. The list of fixed bugs is pretty long (thanks to the GlassFish and Sailfin teams and to everyone filing issues).

Code (binary and source) and documentation are all available today. Check out Shreedhar's post on this release.

This shoal 1.1 release is already integrated in the upcoming GlassFish v2.1.1 and Sailfin v2 products (both will ship simultaneously). Check out related blog posts tagged with shoal.

Tuesday Jul 21, 2009

MySQL Server binaries: one source to rule them all

MySQL Server

If you missed Kaj's announcement in the splashing news commotion at the latest MySQL Conference, then you may be interested to get this information again.

There was a piece of news that should be extremely important for all the users. MySQL server binaries used to be split between Enterprise and Community, and they were released with separate schedules. Not anymore. Starting from April 2009, the MySQL Community and Enterprise editions are built from the same code, and they are released with the same frequency.

There were rumors about the two editions being treated differently. Since we are talking about it, let me assure you that this is not the case. Both editions go through the same tests, and even more so now, since they come from the same tree. Until version 5.0.81, there was a separate tree for Community (with extra features), but now there is only one.

For every bug fix release, both editions are released on the same day.

Another difference that has disappeared is the version number. Previously, even numbers were for Enterprise, odd ones for Community. Now, every version number identifies both the Community and Enterprise edition.

Enjoy the best bits from MySQL. download at will!

Monday Feb 02, 2009

OpenDS News - v1.2 around the corner and tips!

OpenDS logo

OpenDS is fast approaching version 1.2 (Release Candidate 2 was released late January) and Ludo has been sharing many tips for this release. Examples include: Troubleshooting OpenDS database, Disabling Schema checking, and Troubleshooting indexes and search performances.

New in OpenDS 1.2 are SVR4 package for integration into OpenSolaris (with SMF and RBAC support), a data and schema browser (Control Panel), SASL support, and increased performance over the 1.0 release. Another major version (2.0) is planned for later this year with Assured Mode as its key feature.

As always, the software can be test-driven with the simplest possible JavaWebStart-powered install. See here for a couple of brief install videos.

Added - Ludo continues to post tips; also see Control the (LDAP) controls and performance from new ASN.1 library.

Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

MySQL 5.1-GA released

MySQL 5.1

MySQL, the most popular open source database, releases today, November 27, 2008, its version 5.1 GA (General Availability). Downloads are available for all operating systems.

Version 5.1 introduces several enhancements to the already rich set of features. Most notable are partitioning, row based replication, the event scheduler, a new plugin infrastructure, and logs on demand.

There are more new features, but the general improvement is better performance and manageability. Many users have already adopted MySQL 5.1 in production. Their feedback has been reported in the MySQL technical articles. Check them out. MySQL 5.1 is ready for prime time!

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 Beta is out - GlassFish 'Prelude' included

NetBeans 6.5 logo

NetBeans 6.5 beta is now available. The download page is a good place to get a first glimpse at the new features: JavaScript, Groovy, PHP, and more Java. The New and noteworthy document is another detailed resource (note that Milestone 2 = Beta).

GlassFish v3 "Prelude" (what is "v3 Prelude"?) is included in the "Java Build" (124 MB) but also in the "Ruby" build (38 MB). In addition, these two quite self-explanatory features have been added: "Deploy-on-Change", "Compile-on-Save".

Both NetBeans and GlassFish are moving into being much larger than Java, the language.
Full roadmap for this NetBeans 6.5 release is here.

Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

OpenMQ 4.2 final released!

OpenMQ 4.2 logo

OpenMQ, the high-quality and Open Source JMS implementation integrated into GlassFish and OpenESB has now reached 4.2 final. OpenMQ is rock-solid and now has wildcard topic destinations, XML message validation, C-API support tested with Tuxedo, support for MySQL Cluster Edition for HA, MySQL Enterprise Edition for standard JDBC message stores, and more.

If you are new to OpenMQ, check this features list. Full product documentation is available here, the user FAQ is there and the mailing list is at And you're interested in what's coming next, be sure to checkout the roadmap: more APIs, especially scripting and .Net, but also "Better administration integration with GlassFish".

People are noticing the quality and Big references are coming. In the meantime, make sure you've listened to's and SNCF's production use of OpenMQ.

To track OpenMQ, follow the openmq tag.

Thursday Jul 31, 2008

JavaFX SDK Preview is here!

Get JavaFX SDK

Sun has just released the Preview of the JavaFX SDK. This release targets developers and scripters, is available for Windows and Mac and has the following content:

• The JavaFX compiler and runtime (2D graphics, media libraries)
• Command-line tools (javafx, javafxc and javafxdoc)
• NetBeans plugin (build, preview, debug)
• Project Nile: add-on to Adobe tools to product JavaFX
• Documentation, tutorial, samples

This is all available in an all-in-one download and provides more content than the community site.

The relationship to server-side computing is in the way JavaFX clients can interact with Java-based back-ends (including with client-side dependency injection for things like web services or EJB references). Get previous coverage on JavaFX by following the javafx tag.

Thursday Jun 05, 2008

Salut, tu parles GlassFish? (Multi-Lingual release)

Various flags

It may be news to some, but GlassFish is available in a total of 8 languages: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, German and Spanish. GlassFish v2ur2 Multi-Lingual (ML) release is now available.

Ming has a post on the various artifacts (GlassFish community bits, Sun Java System Application Server, Java EE SDK, etc...), where to download them all, and how to get involved in one of the "international" communities.

Now is probably a good time to mention the various editions of TheAquarium: Chinese, EspaƱol, Japanese, Russian, and Korean. A good illustration of the "Act globally, act locally" principle we try to follow whenever possible.

Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

NetBeans 6.1 Final - In time for JavaOne!

NB 6.1 logo

NetBeans 6.1 was just released and it is both a feature and a performance release. The feature part has to do with JavaScript support - the language everybody loves to hate (See Roberto's talk at JavaOne), MySQL improved support, Spring Framework support, Hibernate support, Axis 2, Sailfin support, and Jersey (RESTful Web Services) support.

It's also bringing back features lost in the translation from 5.5. to 6.0 such as JavaBeans support and the JSF CRUD Generator. NetBeans also now provides a more natural way to share libraries. All in all a lot of web and server-side features including support for the latest GlassFish v2ur2 release. The full list of features is here.

Performance is related to startup-time, completion speed, and memory consumption. Coming attractions include PHP support, JavaScript debugger, Groovy/Grails support, and more.

As always, the nice download matrix is available here. Congratulations to the team for yet another solid release!

Monday Apr 28, 2008

GlassFish v2ur2 is out (and Java EE SDK, NetBeans 6.1 too)

UR2 image

GlassFish v2 ur2 (Update Release 2) is now available from the usual download pages:
Community GlassFish v2ur2 download page.
Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 ur2
Java EE downloads page (Java EE SDK, GlassFish/MySQL bundle, Open ESB, Access Manager, Portlet Container, etc).

I hear an updated version of the IzPack installer is on its way...

NetBeans 6.1 is also available in final version and it offers several bundles that include GlassFish. JavaScript support looks really good there. For more on this release, please read this earlier post.

Friday Mar 07, 2008

Jersey 0.6 released

JCP logo

Paul Sandoz is reporting on the release of JAX-RS v0.6, the JSR for RESTful Web Services. As always, the specification and Reference Implementation (Jersey) are moving along quite nicely as well as in parallel.

The editors draft is available here and the schedule has been updated to have a final release in September (see also this wiki page).

Among the new things in v0.6, you'll find the Jersey client API, enhanced JSON suport, and better integration of Jersey with IoC containers. For more details on the contents and the future developments, please read this blog entry. Keep the feedback coming - good or not so good, we take both.

Monday Feb 04, 2008

Polyglot GlassFish

Polyglot Calendar

Following the footsteps of previous versions, GlassFish v2ur1 (first released in December 2007) now support seven languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, German and Spanish. Some of the web content is also localized. As always community help and feedback is welcome.

Ming has more details here. Downloads are available from the GlassFish or Sun Application Server download pages.