Thursday Jan 15, 2009

Free Training and Webinars - Benefits of GlassFish Registrations

When you download and install the GlassFish Server we ask you to consider registering. We use this to learn about how and where people use GlassFish, and also to distribute special offers. Here are two typical examples:


Free Training - A free 90-day offer for these web-based courses: WMT-SAS-1536, WJ-4112-EE5, WMT-SAS-1543, WMT-SAS-2544, WMT-SAS-2545, WMT-SAS-2546. There is also a promotional 25% off for the admininistration training bundle, and others - see Full Details.

Free Webinars - We recently hosted a free online Webinar on High Availability (e.g see this old registration link). The webinar was very popular; see John report. We will host other webinars, so stay tuned (and register!).

As an update, as of this morning there have been over 330K registrations of GlassFish Servers: 294,501 for GFv2 and already 39,138 for GFv3.

Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

260K GlassFish v2 Registrations and other Adoption Indicators


Paul has pushed out a new GeoMap with the data updated through November 2008. We also have updated registration numbers and new Update Center pings. Here is a summary of the numbers:

GFv2 Registrations - 261,506; up from 150K on July 14 and 200K on Sept 25.
GFv3 Prelude Registrations - 17,548
Admin Pings - 5,217,927 hits from 487,897 different IPs
Update Center pings - 113,208 in October, total is 493,193 users

The usual disclaimers about how each of these metrics has a flaw or another, but also the usual comment that all the indicators are pointing the same way: up.

Thursday Sep 25, 2008

GlassFish adoption by numbers - 200K Registrations, 435K IPs, 300K UC UUIDs


As of August '08, we have 4,344,705 cumulative hits, and 435,670 cumulative distinct IP addresses measured by the GlassFish GeoMap. This metric has its limitations, so...

We started providing optional registration late December '07; today we passed the 200K registrations, with over 150K registered distinct users. And, in late March we also started counting UpdateCenter ids; we already have over 300K.

You can see our latest download numbers here, but I'll wait one more week for the September numbers (and hopefully fixed NetBeans numbers) before reporting in more detail on those.

Sunday Jul 13, 2008

150K GlassFish Registrations in 7 months


Today we crossed the 150K mark with the GlassFish registrations (150,087 to be precise). We started the program late December 07, with the GlassFish v2U1 release (announcement), ramping up since then to a current rate around 25K registrations a month.

The program is totally voluntary and the high registration numbers in the program - even in its current, nascent form - is another indicator of the interest on the GlassFish Server.

Wednesday Jan 23, 2008

GlassFish Registration Page - Today and Tomorrow


Sun now has a Registration Program for GlassFish. You can register at the end of our installer or afterwards when visiting the Admin console. One of the benefits of registration is a Registration Page that aggregates a number of data feeds related to GlassFish (see Rajeshwar's Description).

If you are interested, check it out and tell us what you like and what you don't like. There is also a iPhone contest for new registrants - see Arun's writeup and do note the Eligibility Rules.

We are interested in expanding the program further. For example, more feeds, information on local events, and selection over what feeds to see.

The Registration program should be of mutual benefit - you get data that is useful to you, and Sun gets information that can be used for things like supported hardware/software, what languages to translate and where to hold Sun TechDays. As always, we are interested in your feedback.