Monday Mar 28, 2011

Java EE 6 gets an updated tutorial and Java EE 7 a press release

Ian tells us the Java EE 6 has an updated tutorial with more advanced topics and a new "Duke's Tutoring" case study. Get your Java EE 6 SDK copy here (GlassFish 3.1 and latest tutorial included) or directly the tutorial.

We've previously covered the unanimous vote on the submission of Java EE 7 and related JSRs, well now here's the Press Release with quotes from IBM, RedHat, SAP and Oracle.


Monday Nov 05, 2007

RedHat joins OpenJDK

Red Hat Logo

Reports from MR, Barton and Simon all indicating that Red Hat has signed both the Sun Contributor Agreement and the OpenJDK Community TCK License. This is good news for Java SE and Linux developers.

The SCA will also help other projects like GlassFish; as you may have tracked (JBoss@TA) JBoss is using a few GlassFish components (JSF, Metro, others); the SCA will make it easier for RedHat employees to put contributions back into those components.