Tuesday Oct 05, 2010

New GlassFish Videos (@YouTube) and Audio (@GlassFishPodcast)

We have new Videos and Audio Recordings.

New Videos

Arun has uploaded several new videos to GlassFishVideos, our official channel at YouTube:

• Two short interviews as part of a JavaOne Playlist: RedFX: JavaFX Widget Library for GlassFish, with Johan Voss and GlassFish scales and configures very quickly for Micello - the "indoor Google Maps" company with Prakahs Narayan.  Also check out Arun's companion blogs (RedFX, Micello).

• A 6-parter playlist based on the OSGi HoL from JavaOne.  See the blog for details and play the playlist.

GlassFishVideos has been growing very nicely.  We launched on July 20th and it already has 39 videos, with over 20K upload views, almost 7.5K channel views, and 227 subscribers.  We are just getting started and, given the abundance of mobile devices that are good YouTube clients, I think the channel will be very successful.

New Podcasts

At the same time, Alexis has uploaded two podcasts to the GlassFish Podcast.

Episode #67 is an interview with Masoud Kalali recorded at JavaZone in Oslo; Episode #68 features Adam Bien and was recorded at JavaOne.

GlassFish Podcasts now has 68 episodes, download them directly from the website, via the feeds or via the iTunes store and you will be able to use them in your next traffic jam... or on the Tube.