Thursday Nov 19, 2009

Java Closures at Devoxx and Other Highlights from Nov 19th, 2009


A summary of today's news of interest to our communities.

Today is Nov 19th, 2009. One more day to go at Devoxx, some Terracotta news and more GlassFish Events. The Java EE 6 specs are in voting right now, and we are still awaiting Godot.

Note - this is an experiment to flush out the daily news that otherwise we can't cover due to limited time. Let us know how the format works for you.

Terracotta News

Bumped into Alex Miller's blog and it has several posts worth mentioning:

Devoxx Updates

New GlassFish Events

Tuesday Sep 09, 2008

... Quartz and CEP for OpenESB, JDBC Pooling for Rails, JustJava in Brazil and JavaZOne in Norway

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

Two news from OpenESB - first a partnership with ComplexEvents.Com in the area of Complex Event Processing (thanks, Prashant). The second is the announcement of an Scheduler Service Engine using OpenSymphony Quartz.

Arun has done an update of one of his early Tip Of The Day, showing how to do JDBC Connection Pooling in Rails for GlassFish v3.

And, from Conference-Land: Kohsuke is in Brazil right now at JustJava - look for him in the Agenda, (but, no, he is not presenting in Brazilian Brazilian Portuguese, somebody will translate!) Alexis will be next week in Oslo at JavaZone, and then it will be Arun's turn, again in Brazil. Check Alexis's September's Conference Recap.

Tuesday Mar 07, 2006

Open Symphony - providing J2EE components

Open Symphony

Open Symphony is an open source project dedicated to providing enterprise class J2EE components. Two that have had releases recently are OSCache and Quartz. OSCache is a caching solution which performs fine grained dynamic caching of JSP content, servlet responses and more. Quartz, current version 1.5.2, is a full-featured, open source job scheduling system. See this article for an example on using Quartz.

Shreedhar has sent out an invitation to help deploy and run applications on GlassFish and OpenSymphony projects are on the list.