Thursday Sep 10, 2009

VirtualBox Web Console - and VB 3.0.6 Release


The VirtualBox team has started a new project to create an AJAX-based Web Console for VBox. The project is open source under MIT License; check out the Code and the USER and DEV mailing lists. The team is reporting on the progress via its Blog, recent posts covered the Kickoff, an Overview of Architecture, and the Initial Implementation.

The Web Console relies on services in the latest maintenance-release of VirtualBox: VBox 3.0.6 (ChangeLog, Download, Download). Our best wishes to the new project; we will track its evolution here.

Wednesday Jul 29, 2009

WebStack 1.5 - Your (L)AMP Stack

Sun's LAMP support is assembled from two pieces: the L is from our Linux/GNU Support (see SunSolve entry), while the AMP comes from the GlassFish WebStack, which, in its latest incarnation includes Apache HTTP Server, lighttpd, memcached, MySQL, PHP, Python, Ruby, Squid, Tomcat, GlassFish (v2.1) and Hudson (features).

The inclusion of Hudson is a bit of an opportunistic move (more on that in a bit), the rest comprises a well tested, integrated, optimized, and extended component stack for your new and old Web Apps.

The WebStack can be downloaded here; the bundle includes the WebStack Enterprise Manager, which, unlike the other components, is not free right-to-use but rather is available with an eval license; this is a model like that of the GlassFish Enterprise Manager. The current release supports RHEL, Solaris and OpenSolaris (it is bundled in OpenSolaris); for additional details, check out the Documentation and Discussion Forum.

Check out these posts from the WebStack team:


• Brian's Announcement
• CVR's Announcement and Overview.
• CVR's note on two key properties: Fully Relocatable, and Updatable.
• Jiri on Installation and Overview.
• Sriram on Installing AMP stack within GlassFish Web Stack 1.5.
• Irfan on the Enterprise Manager's Navigation Panel.
• Jeff on Installing via IPS tools.

Friday Jun 05, 2009

Django on GlassFish v3


Vivek just posted a detailed description of how to Run Django on GFv3. In a nutshell:

• Install GlassFish v3
• Install Jython
• Install Django

To use the admin appplication or DBs you need to install django-jython and do a few more steps. ProstgreSQL is the most commonly used DB w/ Django although, IIRC, IIRC, Frank had indicated in his C1 session that there was work on the others too.

Sunday Jan 04, 2009

Jan 9th Webinar - OpenMQ 4.3


Our first webinar of 2009 is this Friday (not Thursday!), Jan 9th, 11:00 am PT. Ed Bratt and Linda Schenider will provide an overview of the recent OpenMQ 4.3 release (to be included in GFv2.1 and GlassFish ESB) and will go into more details on the new Universal Messaging Service showing examples of its use from AJAX, C# and Python.

Slides and other material will be posted to the Presentation Page - if you have any questions ahead of the presentation, please add them as comments there, or just ask them during the presentation via the chat.

Wednesday Dec 17, 2008

OpenMQ 4.3 Now Available - Includes Universal Message Service


OpenMQ 4.3 is now available (download). This release will be included in GlassFish v2.1 but also is useful on its own. One of the most interesting pieces is the new http-based Universal Messaging Service which can be used to access OpenMQ from a browser using AJAX, as well .Net, Python, Ruby, and many others (including Java!) - see Intro, Samples, Protocol and Configuration.

Other functionality includes new platforms (AIX, Oracle 11g, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008), a new installer, and additional Samples for things like talking to HermesJMS and STOMP.

Sun's distribution of OpenMQ still uses the "Sun Java System" brand but it follows the standard GlassFish Enterprise Business Model - see Product Page, Documentation and Downloads. And you can can purchase Commercial Subscription Support.

Wednesday Mar 26, 2008

Jython Servlet on GlassFish v3

Python Logo

More progress towards the Scripting on v3 story: Vivek reports success in running his first Jython Servlet on GlassFish v3.

Check Vivek's Note for details and complete sources. Early steps, but I'm looking forward to what come out from Vivek and Frank working on this together.

Monday Mar 03, 2008

More Scripting Languages - Jython and Python - And GlassFish


Python joins the club! Ted and Frank have joined Sun to work on Python and Jython (On the Record, eWeek, Infoworld). They join JRuby and JavaScript and Groovy and Quercus(PHP) - and others! - as part of the non-Java on (J)VM family.

Welcomes from Vivek, Kuldip, Roman and Rich. I worked briefly with Ted years ago around JAXP, and Frank and I have talked a number of times about Jython and GlassFish. A very strong welcome!

We are committed to making GlassFish the best server-side platform available. We can do a lot with GFv2 and much more with GFv3. By themselves and together with Java EE 6. The future will be very interesting!

Added - Both Frank and Ted have written about why they chose to join Sun, check it here and here.

Sunday Nov 25, 2007

Hudson Coffee Mug, Book, Eclipse Plugin, Groovy, Python, and many happy users

I have not done a spotlight on Hudson in a while and there is a lot to mention, so this note is full of links:

Hudson Coffee Mug

• Goodies: New Eclipse Plugin, FindBugs, Start/Stop Scripts
• Goodies, 2: Sventon, Python, Groovy
• Adoption: New Chapter, testimonials in Spanish, French, Japan and elsewhere
• Kind words: Hudson Rules! and This is good stuff. Check it out!
• Kind words, 2: SDTimes Editor and Informal Poll
• Getting Ready for SailFin: Blog, Live Report Page
• Getting Ready for GlassFish v3: Port Allocator

And, if you want to show (off?) your support, go visit the CafePress Store

Wednesday Aug 22, 2007

Admin in GlassFish v3 - JACL? Jython? jRuby?


The next GlassFish administration meeting is today (Thu, Aug 23rd) at 8am PT. The agenda includes starting to discuss GlassFish v3; see the Announcement for details.

A separate mail thread asked about using JACL (see JACL website) for V3, so that may come up in the meeting. When looking around I noticed that IBM is deprecating JACL in WebSphere and instead is planning to switch to only Jython - seems a good question to consider.

Wednesday May 30, 2007

More WADL -- PHP, Ruby and Python Clients


More WADL news from Thomas: the latest version of REST Compile can generate clients in Ruby and Python in addition to the original PHP.

As before, the Web App is here (and the german version is here - no catalan yet :-]).

Since we are Wadling..., check Paul's comments on its benefits and the documentation on RESTful Web Services in SWDP r2 - which also supports WADL.

Sunday Oct 08, 2006

Which is a Better Language? Python or Java? - Nuxeo5 and Java EE

A Drawing of the Tower of Babel with names of Programming Languages on it

"Which is the better language?..." Wrong Question!. One cannot compare languages as diverse as AWK, APL, Snobol, Prolog, Fortran, Lisp, Python, Java, PHP, and Many Others. More appropriate questions are "Which language I like best?", or, even better, "Which is the best language for my team to accomplish this tast within these constraints?". And, with that introduction...

Nuxeo is an Open Source company that has a popular Enterprise Content Management. This product was initially developed in Python but they just Annouced a Switch to Java EE. It is not that they do no longer like Python; just that Java EE made more sense for them in their context.

If you are interested in programming languages there are a number of fun links out in the web including the Online History of Programming Languages, a nice Graphical Timeline, several articles in Wikipedia, including a List of Programming Languages, and this fun presentation by Dick Gabriel and Guy Steele on the Lisp Family. And don't tell me I missed your favorite language; that is the whole point of this blog! :-)