Thursday May 14, 2009

No Longer Punch Cards... Nor Laptops! - Hudson Services On The Cloud


Many years ago, one would write a program by punching a Card Deck on your Puncher, submitting it (with a rubber band) and then getting back a printout... Then we went through Teletypes, CRTs, Workstations and today's Laptops. So, how does the future look like?

I like a hybrid solution where we use our "local" computation device(s) and also services "on the cloud" that expand, complement, or just interact with one or more local devices and/or agents. Kenai is already providing some of those services; Kohsuke just posted a note pointing to a service that does Automatic Continuous Integration for Grails projects on Google Code.

Sunday Oct 08, 2006

Which is a Better Language? Python or Java? - Nuxeo5 and Java EE

A Drawing of the Tower of Babel with names of Programming Languages on it

"Which is the better language?..." Wrong Question!. One cannot compare languages as diverse as AWK, APL, Snobol, Prolog, Fortran, Lisp, Python, Java, PHP, and Many Others. More appropriate questions are "Which language I like best?", or, even better, "Which is the best language for my team to accomplish this tast within these constraints?". And, with that introduction...

Nuxeo is an Open Source company that has a popular Enterprise Content Management. This product was initially developed in Python but they just Annouced a Switch to Java EE. It is not that they do no longer like Python; just that Java EE made more sense for them in their context.

If you are interested in programming languages there are a number of fun links out in the web including the Online History of Programming Languages, a nice Graphical Timeline, several articles in Wikipedia, including a List of Programming Languages, and this fun presentation by Dick Gabriel and Guy Steele on the Lisp Family. And don't tell me I missed your favorite language; that is the whole point of this blog! :-)