Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

GlassFish at the Silicon Valley JUG tonight (@GooglePlex)

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This is very much a last minute notification, but you may be interested in tonight's GlassFish presentation at 6pm at the GooglePlex (organized by the Silicon Valley Java User Group).

This is almost exactly one year after another similar presentation. A good opportunity to see for yourself how much progress has been made by the team and the community!

Tuesday Apr 01, 2008

NetTalk GlassFish Presentation - Short and sweet

Slide #1

You may be new to GlassFish, or you may simply not have the full up-to-date picture of this Open Source project and Sun's role in it. This newly released online presentation is short (less than 10 minutes) but effective.

The presentation covers the definition of GlassFish, increased productivity, production capabilities, support from Sun, web 2.0 and how GlassFish fits into the larger Open Source picture from Sun.

Thursday Jan 31, 2008

Presentation on Advanced JAX-WS

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As a follow-up to a previous nice JAX-WS presentation, Stijn Van den Enden's "JAX-WS, beyond the basics" presentation is now available from parleys.com.

Stijn does a good job at explaining JAX-WS handlers, JAXB customization, Dispatch/Provider API (although his example may not feel RESTful to the JAX-RS crowd), some best practices and more in a very didactic and easy to follow presentation. Everything said and presented there applies to the Metro Web Services stack that is part of GlassFish v2 (btw, Stijn is reported to be a happy GlassFish user).

No wonder this is the best-rated program on Parleys.com. The only down side is that I don't see the PDF available on the web site anywhere...

Tuesday Mar 27, 2007

Worthwile JAX-WS presentation from Parleys.com


Parleys.com is the website where JavaPolis presentations are being made available. They are presented in a nice format with slides, audio and even video (of the speaker so it doesn't work all that well for demos).

The "Real world web services with JAX-WS" presentation didn't exactly get the best time slot (afternoon of last day), so whether you didn't make it to Antwerpen or are interested in a JAX-WS presentation from an architect who has actually implemented the technology, listen to this talk by Stijn Van den Enden from ACA IT-Solutions. Stijn covers from basics of the programming model to more advanced topics such as Handlers, JAXB customization, Provider/Dispatcher APIs for asynchronous communication, and touches on a few best practices. Really worth your time.

If slides are a little hard to read, go to the JavaPolis 2006 web site and get the PDF.