Tuesday Oct 20, 2009

JBoss, Hudson, Cloud, Liferay and Other Recent GlassFish White Papers

Harpreet has been driving the creation of a Several New WhitePapers for the Sun GlassFish Portfolio. Topics covered include: Hudson, JBoss, WebSpace Server Cloud and many more.

A full list is available from the GF Portfolio Resources page. Also see the Sun.Com Resources page for whitepapers and more across all of Sun's products.

All whitepapers are free but registration is required.

Saturday Oct 17, 2009

Now Playing, Kohsuke! Recording of Hudson Webinar Now Available


Kohsuke's Webinar on Hudson last week was a success; it was very well attended and had Great Reviews, and it is now Available for Replay (free, but requires registration).

If you are interested in the topic, also check the Hudson Whitepaper. And, if you want to move beyond that, Sun offers Hudson support as part of the GlassFish Portfolio offering - see Summary of Offering.

Saturday Aug 08, 2009

SNMP Monitoring for GlassFish

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a set of standards for network management, including an application layer protocol, a database schema, and a set of data objects. Since SNMP is very popular in some enterprise deployments the GlassFish Enterprise Manager includes an SNMP Monitoring AddOn for customers of the GlassFish Portfolio.

Formal Documentation includes Release Notes, Installation and QuickStart Guide, and Reference. The software is available through Sunsolve; if you are interested in using it, send a Request for Evaluation. Our future plan is to move to simpler distribution and evaluation mechanism, borrowing the lessons from the WebStack Enterprise Manager.


The SNMP team has a number of posts on the SNMP monitor:

• Rashewar's Overview of the AddOn.
• Marc Kossa has a nice Set of Examples.
• Sankar on how to Configure SNMP Monitoring.
• Olivier writes about the MIB: J2EE MIB and Browsing the MIB
• Two more from Oliver: Master Agent Integration and Security in SNMP.
• And yet another from Oliver: How to Monitor Different Domains.

Nazrul has an Overview of The GF Enterprise Monitor Offerings that is intended to be up-to-date (I believe Oliver's last post is not yet there).

Monday Jun 01, 2009

GlassFish Portfolio - CommunityOne Slides


I've uploaded the slides for my presentation at CommunityOne on Sun GlassFish Portfolio (S307894). I start with a recap of the project and an assessment of adoption, then do a review the GlassFish Portfolio and end with a blitz through projects with links to sessions and pods. There are many slides but several are build-ups and I hope to have time for Q&A.

Slides at PDF@SLX and SlideShare; I'll create a SlideCast later.

Tuesday May 19, 2009

GlassFish at CommunityOne and JavaOne


Arun has put together a nice table with all the sessions related to the GlassFish family of products:

Check it out!

Other useful links:

• C1 Main Page, Day One Schedule and Content Catalog
• C1 Sessions with GlassFish Keyword
• J1 Main Page, Schedule and Content Catalog
• J1 Sessions with GlassFish Keyword
• Register for Sunday's Unconference and Party

Sunday May 17, 2009

The Value of GF Portfolio Subscriptions - GF v2.1 p2 Available


Last week we made available the latest sustaining (for-fee) release of the GlassFish Server. GFv2.1p2 fixes 40 new bugs beyond the 31 fixed by GFv2.1p1. GFv2.1p2 is also a patch release (p8) for the earlier GFv2U2; collectively all the patch releases in that family addressed 152 bugs.

Sustaining releases are available at the Basic level of Sun GlassFish Portfolio; higher subscription levels entitle different levels of customer support and access to the GlassFish Enterprise Manager

Saturday May 09, 2009

Latest GlassFish Portfolio WebCasts and White Papers

Harpreet is coordinating several of the GlassFish Porfolio outreach activities, and he has been providing updates on the latest white papers and webcasts ([1], [2]). Summarizing from there, the new entries are:


Writing Jersey Client (white paper)
Optimizing GlassFish for CMT systems (white paper)
Migrating to GlassFish (webcast)
HA in GlassFish (webcast)
Dynamic Language on GlassFish (webcast)
Management and Monitoring in GlassFish (webcast)

All GlassFish Portfolio resources are listed in the resource page although Harpreet said some of the entries above won't be there until next week. Also note that you will need to register (it is free) to access the resources.

Friday Mar 06, 2009

GlassFish Portfolio Webinar in Portuguese - Tuesday, Mar 10th


Tuesday Marcelo will host a special webinar in portuguese to cover the GlassFish Portfolio, like we did with Chinese, Japanese and Spanish:

• Tue, Mar 10th, 10:00am PT
• Tue, Mar 10th, 2pm Brazil, 5pm Lisbon (Other TZ)

1-1.5 hrs, hopefully with plenty of Q&A. Details at Show Page.

Friday Feb 13, 2009

GlassFish @ Mobile World Congress 2009, Barcelona

Sailfin logo

GlassFish Communication Server and GlassFish Mobility Platform will be hosting demos in Sun booth (Booth #2C12, Hall 2) at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

Meet us, if you are at Barcelona next week (16th-19th Feb).

The demos include Load Balancer Visualization for SailFin, SailFin Communicator application (with MySQL cluster career grade server as the back-end database) and Mobile Enterprise Platform with On-Device Portal. Sun has also invited Ericsson to demonstrate Ericsson's Intelligent Network technology, built on GlassFish.

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

GlassFish Portfolio launch coverage - day 3

GlassFish Portfolio

Yet another round of links for the GlassFish Portfolio launch. Some are links I had missed, other ones appeared recently.

Note also we now have GlassFish Portfolio release notes published.

Press Articles
Seeing Through Sun's Glassfish (Information Week)
Sun представила открытую web-платформу (linuxcenter.ru)
Sun's GlassFish Portfolio Adds More Open Source (InternetNews.com)
Sun releases GlassFish web platform (vnunet.com)
Sun’s GlassFish Portfolio Could Change Middleware Game (idevnews.com)
GlassFish gets LAMP stack and multimedia add-on (CRN.com.au)
Sun unveils Glassfish portfolio (ITExaminer.com)
http://ca.sys-con.com/node/838245 (AjaxWorld.com)
Sun Releases Enterprise Open Source Platform (ebizQ)
Sun to integrate GlasFish with LAMP stack (ciol.com)
Sun beefs up GlassFish app server with integrated LAMP stack (eChannelLine)
Sun GlassFish Portfolio chez Sun (Toolinux)

General blogs
Glassfish Portfolio (niq)
GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus Multimedia (SDN Channel)
New Sun Glassfish Portfolio (CamelCase)
(Marketing memos)
GlassFish ESB and OpenESB - Interview and demo (RedMonk)
Web Space Server - Localization (Portal Post)
Incredible portfolio of web servers! (Web Tier)
Adding content to portal page : The easy way (Praskah)
Jersey 1.0.2 is released (Earthly Powers)
Learn About GlassFish Portfolio (Dixie, docs)

GlassFish Enterprise Manager
Sun GlassFish Portfolio が発表されました。いろんな情報があります。 (Ogino)
SNMP monitoring in GlassFish (Marc)
New Glassfish Portfolio (Eric Bruno)

Read earlier coverage here and there.

GlassFish Portfolio launch coverage - day 2

GlassFish Portfolio

Some 24 hours after the launch, more coverage of the GlassFish Portfolio launch.

Press Articles
Light-weight, open-source Sun GlassFish Portfolio (TSS)
Sun realigns software around GlassFish Portfolio (SDTimes)
Themes discussed at Sun GlassFish Portfolio debut (TechTarget)
Nyílt forrású vállalati alkalmazásplatformmal jelentkezett a Sun Microsystems (HWSW.hu)
SUN’s Glassfish Portfolio is a major shift to commercial open source business models. (The Forrester Blog)
Sun's Answer To LAMP: GlassFish Portfolio (InformationWeek)

General blogs
GlassFish v2.1: A Complete Picture (Harpreet)
"10 reasons why Nuxeo is using GlassFish" presentation (Nuxeo)
SIP development modules via Auto-update (Vince)
Sun GlassFish Portfolio Released (SDN Program News)
Content Management System in Glassfish Web Space Server 10.0 (Prakash)
Writing your first application router with SailFin (Binod)
SIP Extension Headers in SailFin (Sankar)
Sailfin in detail : Part 1 app-name (Prsad)
OK - where do I start if I need to tune GlassFish? (Kim)
Performance Monitor enters Sun's GlassFish offerings (Shreedhar)
Performance Advisor : VM Alerts (Nandini)
GlassFish Portfolio related podcasts (Bistro!)
Sun includes GlassFish ESB in GlassFish Portfolio (Hari)
GlassFish Portfolio with GlassFish ESB officially announced (Mark White)
Web Space Server 10 Adopts Update Center (Joe)

GlassFish Enterprise Manager
GlassFish SNMP Monitoring (Rajeshwar)
GlassFish Value-Ad Feature Tuner (Nachiappan)
Tuner ScreenCast (Nachiappan)
Performance Advisor Installation and Overview (Screencast by Anissa)

Earlier coverage is here.

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

GlassFish Portfolio launch coverage

GlassFish Portfolio

It's early after the launch but here's already a first batch of content covering GlassFish Portfolio. Expect some updates to this blog later in the day as well as more entries in the next few days.

Press Articles
Sun offers integrated Web platform (InfoWorld)
Avec Portfolio, Sun taille GlassFish pour contrer JBoss (LeMagIT, in French)
Sun Takes GlassFish, Industry's Most Downloaded Application Server, to New Heights With Integrated LAMP Stack (Press Release)
搜斧 - Sun GlassFish Portfolio Released
Sun Drives Huge Growth in Adoption of GlassFish, Industry's Most Downloaded Application Server (Press Release)

General blogs
GlassFish Production Deployments & Enterprise Manager (John Clingan)
The New GlassFish Portfolio! (Liz Matthews)
GlassFish Portfolio en bref (Bistro!)
Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0: Now Available! (The Portal Post)
GlassFish - immár Portfolioban (Peter, in Hungarian)
Sun GlassFish Portfolio and Open Source (Kevin)
SailFin : Develop your own applications using templates (Bhavani)
SailFin V1: Step by step guide to get started. (Binod)
Introducing Sun GlassFish Portfolio (Scripting blog)
介绍Sun GlassFish Portfolio (The Aquarium ZH)
Converged Load-Balancer(CLB) Whitepaper and Screencast (Kshitiz)
GlassFish grows up! (Sun Student Connection)
Feb 17th Chinese Webinar - GlassFish Portfolio (Judy/Jiandong)

GlassFish Enterprise Manager
Introducing GlassFish Performance Tuner (Ken Paulsen)
GlassFish Performance Advisor - Install and setup (Siraj)
JDBC Pool Manager - Steady Pool Size Tuning (Shalini)
JDBC Pool Manager - Max Pool Size Tuning (Shalini)
GlassFish SNMP J2EE MIB Presentation (Olivier)
Browsing the Glassfish SNMP J2EE-MIB (Olivier)
GlassFish SNMP Master Agent Integration (Olivier)
GlassFish SNMP security (Olivier)
GlassFish Performance Advisor - Managing Rotated Log Files (Siraj)
GlassFish Performance Advisor - Log Entry Alert (Siraj)
Performance Advisor Installation and Overview - Screencast,live demo and more (Anissa)
Configuration of SNMP Monitoring in Glassfish Enterprise Manager (Sankar)

Monday Feb 09, 2009

Introducing the Sun GlassFish Portfolio

Sparky is growing up! Today, Sun announced the Sun GlassFish Portfolio (PR) the Sun GlassFish Communications Server (SailFin) and the Sun GlassFish Mobility Platform.


The key components in the GlassFish Portfolio are the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server (including OpenMQ), the Sun GlassFish ESB (with OpenESB), the Sun GlassFish Web Space Server (nee WebSynergy, leveraging GlassFish and Liferay) and the Sun GlassFish Web Stack, which includes supported and optimized versions of Apache Web Server, Memcached and other popular Web applications.

Full details of the GlassFish Portfolio are at its Home page. The GetIt tab has a very good table with all the features, services and pricing - check it out!

Sun also issued a Release highlighting adoption of the GlassFish products in companies from Telcos (T-Mobile), Health (Medavie Blue Cross) and startups (TravelMuse). Check the PR for a full list, plus our Adoption Stories and Sun's more formal Customer References.

As in past events, we are going to post a number of blog entries related to different facets of the products announced today; we will (attempt to) use the tag GlassFishPortfolio consistently to help search through them. We are also going to host a set of short (10') presentations at TheAquarium Online to cover this material, with the usual recordings for later playback.