Wednesday Nov 01, 2006

Portlet Container project - Charging ahead..

The Portlet Container project (sub-project of the Portal project) is speeding along.. Infact, quite literally. As part of milestone v1, the project has produced a "Driver" that provides an environment to interact with portlets running in the Portlet Container.

For more details, check out Deepak's commentary on the Driver (Update: in particular, you may want to sample the cool demo).

Wednesday Oct 11, 2006

Portlet Repository Protocol

Portlet Repository

The Portlet Repository Protocol (PRP) project seeks to define a common Web Service API used to communicate with portlet repositories. It will also establish the format and meta-data to be included when defining a specific portlet within a repository.

This is a free and open standards project, that any portlet repository may implement, and any portal vendor may leverage, as well. Input from those respective parties is welcomed and encouraged.