Monday Jun 06, 2011 - how are we doing?

Over at the Editor's Daily Blog, Kevin asks the question "So, What Do You Think of Now?". This is not to mean that we're done with the updates but rather that we need your opinion about the recent changes (migration, forums, JIRA, Maven, uptime, performance...).


As the largest project hosted on the GlassFish team has been experiencing the service first-hand for many years now and we have a good idea of the recent progress made as part of the move to the Kenai infrastructure but we need the larger community's input to help the team prioritize future improvements, so don't wait - vote and comment!

Friday Oct 09, 2009

Java.Net Poll on Future of GlassFish


The Java.Net folks are running this poll: What future do you foresee for GlassFish?.

This type of polls are very unscientific (e.g the Java.Net and TA readeris is unrepresentative of the larger population), but, if you want to participate, I believe the poll is open for the whole week.

Thursday Dec 11, 2008

Last Call for Readers Choice 2008


One last call for your help with the Reader's Choice Poll, which has been extended until Dec 31st.

Our projects have been doing very well and we had a 2x factor margin shown early on (see Aug 31st report). We maintained that margin until early this week when all the IBM projects showed a huge jump in votes. I see we have started closing the gap again but we are still behind in several categories.

Please consider voting for your favorite project(s), and help us spread the word around about the poll. The GlassFish-related projects inlude GlassFish, Hudson, OpenESB, NetBeans, Metro, OpenSSO, JAXP, Portal and Java CAPS.

Saturday Nov 01, 2008

JavaHispano and Readers' Choice Poll Results


The JavaHispano Oct 2008 poll covered AppServer adoption. Despite the methodological challenges in self-selected polls ([1], [2]), I think this one is a bit more accurate because it is more community focused.

Eyeballing the Results Page, with a sample of 1197, Tomcat had ~550 votes, JBoss ~180 and GlassFish ~170; which is a better showing for GF than I was expecting for this community.

The SOA WSJ Reader's Choice poll is still ongoing and the projects related to GlassFish are doing very well.