Monday Jan 21, 2008

Week Highlights - MySQL and Sun, BEA and Oracle, SailFin, Paul Sterk ...

Sakila Balancing Sun's Cube

• Sun and MySQL Welcome Aboard!, Reactions, More Reactions
• Access Control - ANYONE Access, Policy Project, Usng OpenSSO
• Web Services - Maven Plug-in, Jersey 0.5, Tango in Chinese
• Oracle & BEA - Oracle and BEA
• Admin and Mangerment - VisualVM
• Communiy - Paul Sterk, GF @ Hyderabad
• Adoption - Heard on the Web
• Misc - Migrate!, SailFin and NB 6.1

Saturday Jan 19, 2008

New Policy Project in Metro

Statue of Lady Justice

There is now a new Policy subproject of Metro (see Governance email).

Quoting from the project page, the project has two distict goals:

• In the short term, make JAX-WS WS-policy aware by moving out the generic policy code from project Tango.

• In the long term, provide a common, abstract policy API layer. The API design should be independent of any particular policy expression language. Instead it should be use case driven and ease-of-use oriented.