Monday Oct 23, 2006

More Presentations: FastInfoset, FOSS Communities, JSF, Dynamic Faces, Eclipse, Tubes

Duke - Let's Get Going!

We have added more presentations to the Presentations Page at the GlassFish Wiki, including:

• OpenSource Middleware Communities covered by TheAquarium (prezo)
• FastInfoset Encoding-by-example (prezo)
• JSF and AJAX (prezo)
• Scripting JSF and Phobos (prezo)
• Highlights from Eclipse prezo at JavaOne'06 (prezo)
• Tubes (asynchrony in JAX-WS RI) (prezo)

Wednesday Oct 18, 2006

Creating an Ajax-enabled Phobos Application

Jennifer Ball has written a new tutorial on how to create an Ajax-enabled Phobos application. "Adding Ajax capability to a Phobos application is quite easy and the JavaScript to implement it is nearly the same as it is in any other web application" says Jennifer. Developing Ajax applications in JavaScript with Phobos, one has the benefit of the same scripting language on the client and the server. Check out the tutorial here.

Saturday Sep 23, 2006

Phobos and Sun Web Server 7.0

Photo of Phobos

Phobos (overview) is a lightweight framework for writing Web Applications using dynamic languages (JavaScript so far) exploiting the Java platform. Phobos builds can run either with GlassFish or with a plain Web Container, and in his latest blog, Mukesh shows in detail how to Run Phobos on Sun WebServer 7.0.

Sun's WebServer uses the Web Container from Sun Java System 8.2 (GlassFish's Ancestor), but the contract between the Web Server and the Java Web Tier is clearly defined followed by the GlassFish web tier and I'll ask if they can to publish the steps needed to try this out.

Monday Sep 11, 2006

Logging Galore -- Phobos, TopLink Essentials, Java SE....

Logbook from Grand Turk

Logs (and printf()s) are very useful; here are 3 related blogs on this area. The first two show logging for TopLink Essentials (TLE). Adam talks about doing Simple JavaPersistence / SQL monitoring using the machinery included in GlassFish instead of using a JDBC driver like p6spy. Then Wonseok explains how to use the Java Logger when using TLE with Java SE.

Meanwhile, Phobos now has an all-JavaScript logging mechanism like Jakarta Logging. Check Roberto's blog; you will need to rebuild Phobos, this is not included in the current binary build.