Monday Jun 11, 2012

Petstore using Java EE 6 ? Almost!

Antonio Goncalves, a Java Champion, JUG leader, and a well-known author, has started building a Petstore-like application using Java EE 6. The complete end-to-end sample application will build a eCommerce website and follows the Java EE 6 design principles of simple and easy-to-use to its core. Its using several technologies from the platform such as JPA 2.0, CDI 1.0, Bean Validation 1.0, EJB Lite 3.1, JSF 2.0, and JAX-RS 1.1.

Pet Store

The two goals of the project are:

• use Java EE 6 and just Java EE 6 : no external framework or dependency
• make it simple : no complex business algorithm

The application works with GlassFish and JBoss today and there are plans to add support for TomEE.

Download the source code from And feel free to fork if you want to use a fancy toolkit as the front-end or show some nicer back-end integration.

Some other sources of similar end-to-end applications are:
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Friday May 12, 2006

Java Pet Store does Web 2.0

The latest version of Pet Store (still early access) has gone all web2.0.

Sean and Geertjan have already blogged about it and Alexis has already created a short screencast showing you how to run it in NetBeans (large and small).

Some of the new Pet Store features include :

  • A Mashup using Google Maps & Yahoo Geo-coder APIs
  • Community content, community ratings and Captchas
  • RSS Feed integration
  • Makes use of Java EE 5 including Persistence, JavaServer Faces and Dependency Injection

Added: Also check Larry's overview and Inder's technical teaser.