Monday May 30, 2011

EclipseLink @ DZone Refcard

The latest DZone cheat sheet covers EclipseLink, the JPA 2.0 reference implementation and GlassFish JPA provider. As often the case, this 6-pager is loaded with useful content.

Eclipse DZone Redcard

From intro (did you know that EclipseLink was the reference implementation for SDO or that EclipseLink ships as a single JAR file?) to Maven, OSGi, Weaving in JavaSE, eclipse-orm.xml, fetch groups, cache configuration and much more, it's amazing how much great stuff Gordon was able to cover in this short document.

Keep an eye on the GlassFish Podcast later this week for an episode featuring a discussion with Doug Clarke on EclipseLink.

Thursday Jul 19, 2007

JPA 2.0 filed as jsr317


Java Persistence (JPA) was born as part of JSR 220 (EJB 3). With the success of version 1.0 and its use in both managed (Java EE) and non-managed environments (JavaSE), it will now live a life of its own with JSR 317 and Linda DeMichiel as the spec lead.

Expected from this new version is an API for "criteria" queries and the ability to have hierarchies of Embeddables. It also mentions beans validation which wasn't explicitly listed as a Java EE 6 candidate.

JPA 2.0, and the newly proposed Enterprise JavaBeans - EJB 3.1 - are set to be part of Java EE 6 (target is end of 2008) which has been approved earlier this week.

Monday Apr 17, 2006

Elvis, Meet Portability

Elvis Impersonators

We may need a category just for Elvis Postings... Recently Brian started with Cay's Elvis Meets GlassFish article and Joined Elvis with NetBeans. Now, Brian has expanded on that by showing how the Java standards, and their support in an IDE like NetBeans, provide Portability on JBoss.

Portability is exactly why Java standards are important to the customer, although you may need to pay some attention to be sure no implementation dependencies creep in; you don't want to unwillingly use an Elvis Impersonator!