Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

Hudson Update - Perforce and VMWare Plugins, and More Happy Users

More Hudson Plugins and Adopters.

Perforce ogo

New plugins include those for Perforce, ClearCase, Cobertura, FindBugs, Task Scanner and VMWare; all delivered by the Hudson community - check Kohsuke's notes here and here.

New public instances seen at OpenDS, OCTO Technology, OpenJFX, SourceLabs and Amazon Fresh. And reports from happy customers include Gertjaan, Serg.io, and Ed Gibbs.

Kohsuke, you guys need to put together a Hudson T-shirt! CafePress makes it very easy to set up; the per-unit price is not the best, but it works very well for one-offs. See GlassFish or Angry Build Cop.