Sunday Nov 05, 2006

Pebble 2.0 on GlassFish

ScreenShot of Pebble 2.0

Simon has announced the release of Pebble 2.0. The announcement explicitly mentions Tomcat 5.5 and GlassFish as the supported platforms.

Pebble is a lightweight blogging software that does not require a database for operation. Download it from here.

Wednesday Aug 02, 2006

More Blogging Software - Pebble on GlassFish


More reports of packages running on GlassFish. We previously reported about Blojsom and Roller; now Gregory reports success converting from Blojsom to Pebble and from Tomcat to GlassFish. Pebble looks good; it is based on Java EE technologies and it is intended to be lightweight and easy to administer.

The installation worked but Gregory had to find his way around a couple of problems so check his blog to save yourself some time.