Saturday May 24, 2008

GlassFish Management and Monitoring in Hyperic HQ


Hyperic is one of Sun's Partners for GlassFish through their Hyperic HQ product. The GlassFish Server-specific features are Described here.

Hyperic is a long-time MySQL partner; welcome to the GlassFish party!

One of the proposals for TheAquarium TV is for a series showcasing GlassFish Partners; add your own ideas to my proposal on

Sunday May 11, 2008

Pentaho Supports GlassFish


Catching up with news from before JavaOne: Pentaho Announced support for GlassFish v2 for Pentaho BI Platform.

Note that Pentaho is one of the more than 40 initial companies listed in the new Sun Partner Program for GlassFish.

Friday May 02, 2008

iTAC Software for GlassFish

iTAC logo

iTAC software is a recent addition to the list of GlassFish stories. It is quite unique in the sense that the software developed by this ISV in the automotive, electronics and medical sectors isn't a traditional business or web application, but rather a full Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

iTAC uses GlassFish v2, rich Java Swing clients, and an Oracle back-end to support hundreds of simultaneous clients and up to 3 million calls a day. Make sure you read the story and the full questionnaire for more details.