Sunday Dec 20, 2009

MySQL Conference 2010 - Call for participation is open

MySQL Conference 2010

The MySQL Conference 2010, with Sun Microsystems as a founding sponsor, has been announced and the call for participation is open.

It's coming later than usual, but it's an opportunity for would be speakers. They will be able to propose talks based on the latest technology, making it even more interesting for attendees.

Some of the program is already online. The tutorial page has a great lineup of speakers and advanced topics. More will be announced when the selection ends, at the end of January.

In the meantime, early bird registration is also open. You will save a few hundred bucks by registering before February.

Wednesday Apr 01, 2009

Pretty Fly (for a Dead Language) - Coin's Fourth Week


Report on the last week of submissions for Project Coin's week 4. 26 new proposals in the last week, 70 altogether; with over 1100 messages in the mailing list. As the song goes... Pretty Fly (for a White Guy) (or a language no longer deemed cool...).

In addition to the relevance of the Java Language, I see this is a good example of the benefits of an open process, with a receptive project leader.

Too many interesting examples to highlight - but I'll choose two from John Rose: JSR 292 Support (mail) and Expressions in Strings. Looking forward to more details on the analysis of the submissions.