Saturday Dec 05, 2009

GlassFish v3 in Sao Paolo, Paris and Pune


We are hosting several events in the next couple of weeks as part of the Launch of GlassFish v3. Next week are three events:

• On Dec 8th and 9th, Karen and Jerome will present at Sun TechDay in São Paolo
• On Dec 10th, Alexis will present in Paris in a Cocktail de l'info Java hosted by Demos
• On Dec 11th and 12th, Arun will Swim to Present at IndicThreads, in Pune.

All events are listed in our GlassFish Events Calendar.

Thursday Dec 18, 2008

GlassFish Event in Paris - Slides available


L' "Aquarium Paris" is an event that took place in Paris, France last week (December 12th). The lineup of speakers and topics was quite impressive and the slides are now available. A new age with the list of GlassFish-related events is available here.

Topics covered include GlassFish v3, Java EE 6, Jersey, OpenSSO, Grizzly Comet, OpenMQ, OpenDS, JavaFX, OpenESB/Fuji, MySQL, partners XWiki, Valtech, Nuxeo and IzPack's despot Julien Ponge. Some are in French but the majority of the slides are in English.

Alternatively, you can get a the PDFs from this url and an all-in-one SlideShare page (boy do I like tags :).

Friday Nov 21, 2008

GlassFish December Events in Montreal, Antwerp, and Paris

Parisian Metro in Montreal

The first half of December is going to be busy in terms of GlassFish presence at various conferences.

The first one is taking place in Montreal on December 4th with Jean-François Arcand presenting on GlassFish, Grizzly, Comet, and NIO. Details are here.

The biggest Java community event around in December is most likely Devoxx (Antwerp, Belgium - December 8th-12th). GlassFish and other sister projects will be represented in all three sections of the conference: Tools in Actions, University, and Conference. We'll post a more detailed entry on the GlassFish presence at Devoxx soon.

Finally, on December 12th, the Sun office will host a GlassFish event dubbed "The Aquarium in Paris" (check link for speaker and registration details). This is a full day of technical sessions with two tracks. The event is free but registrations are going strong and the seats are limited, so register now if you plan to attend.