Monday Sep 27, 2010

Multiple JavaEE 6 players before year's end


This year's Java EE panel (session 313278) had a full house of participants (seven of them!) representing vendors and independent consultants and the discussion covered quite a bit of ground in a packed room.

Alexis has a transcript of the main points discussed.

One of the first things mentioned in the transcript is the availability of multiple Java EE 6 implementations before year's end (in final format) and an overall commitment from all to get there soon. This is excellent news for developers who do not want to tie themselves to any early adopter. Now's a good time to move to Java EE 6.

"Collaborate on standards, compete on implementations". In the GlassFish team, we certainly like to compete!

Wednesday Sep 09, 2009

News Features in OpenDS 2.2 Control Panel: Managing Multiple Servers and Recurrent Tasks


OpenDS continues to move forward after the Release of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition this last July. As indicated in the Roadmap the next release is OpenDS 2.2, scheduled for this Fall.

The Roadmap describes a number of features, including Fractional Replication and LDAP Accessible ChangeLog, but Ludo has just published two features in the Control Panel, the ability to Manage Multiple Servers and Support for Recurrent Tasks.

Added - See Ludo's latest post on the Availability of OpenDS 2.1 build-1; and check out his explanation of the OpenDS Release Numbering System.