Thursday Apr 26, 2012

Outage on - Apr 27 12pm PT, 2012 to Apr 30 12pm PT, 2012

As we constantly improve the infrastructure you will experience downtime starting around noon pacific time (7pm UTC) on Friday, April 27, through noon pacific time (7pm UTC) on Monday, April 30 for scheduled maintenance. logo

Email aliases (*@* for all projects hosted will not be available. So users@glassfish, dev@glassfish, users@jersey, and other similar aliases will not be accessible, including their archives. The forums and downloads for these projects will not be accessible as well.

The GlassFish Update Center used to update your existing binaries will not be available., which redirects to, and other project websites in * domain will not be accessible during the weekend.

The service will resume Monday Noon PT and we will post an update as services come back online. Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday Feb 01, 2012

Quick note - possible short outage on

As we constantly improve the infrastructure you might experience some downtime on Wed, Feb 1, 2012 @ 6-8pm PT. Hopefully, this one should only really be a short one.


Wednesday Jun 29, 2011 outage

The GlassFish website has been down for a number of hours (together with a number of other projects) as a result of a general outage in the datacenter. The team is working hard on getting everything back to normal. You can track progress by following @ProjectKenai.

Update: services should now all be back to normal. If you face issues in the future, consider reporting them here. And now, back to work!

Wednesday Oct 07, 2009

Java.Net Availability Still Unfolding

As we reported yesterday, Java.Net is under a DDOS attack (seems somewhat similar to this one). The Sun and CollabNet teams are working hard to address this but it's taking longer than we all want, so here are a few useful links that apply to GlassFish and Hudson.


First, because the services used by our projects come from multiple infrastructures, some sites have not been affected (knock on wood - or toca ferro). The following seem to be unaffected:,,
• Downloads at including:
   GF v3, including GF v3 nightly and GF v3 promoted,
   GF v2, including GF v2.1 and GF v2.1 nightly,
   GF v2.1.1, including GF v2.1.1 promoted and GF v2.1.1 nightly,
   Eclipse Bundle; also see more d/ls at GlassFish.
• Downloads of NetBeans and Hudson
• Kohsuke also created SVN mirrors at including:
   hudson, glassfish-scripting, glassfish grizzly, hk2 jersey.

For the case of Hudson, there is a run-time impact due to the plugin-store which has been addressed in the latest build, but see Dealing with Outages, and also see this discussion of longer-term solutions.

I'll add more useful links as I find them / people report them to me. Thanks for your patience while we deal with this situation.

Tuesday Oct 06, 2009

Accessing, an update on the outage


You may have experienced difficulties in the past week trying to access the website (or via which redirects there). We'd like to apologize for any inconvience that it may have caused.

The GlassFish team itself has suffered from this outage and we've been in close contact with CollabNet (the company running the site) to track the progress made. If you're interested in the latest details of what's going on, please consult this recent blog entry and this earlier one.

Having said all this, things should be almost back to normal, but if you're still not able to access the site, please send email to escalation_manager @ with your IP address, wether it's a static one or provider-allocated and the country you're working from.

Also, note that if you're looking for a download of a stable version of GlassFish (including GlassFish v3 preview), you can certainly do that from the pages and even get to the very latest promoted build using the update tool.