Wednesday Nov 05, 2014

OTN Virtual Technology Summit

The OTN Virtual Technology Summit is a set of free online events covering various technical topics such as Java SE, Java EE but also Middleware, Database, etc.  Each topic will be presented by a subject matter expert coming either from Oracle or from the community (Java Champions, Oracle ACEs, ...). And during each session, a live chat will let participants ask questions and clarifications on the presented subject. You can check the agenda of the different tracks here.

OTN Virtual Technology Summit is a free event so make sure to register for this month OTN VTS!

  • VTS America : November 18th, 2014 – 9am to 12:30pm PST, register here.
  • VTA Asia : November 19th, 2014 – 10:00am to 1:30pm IST, register here.
  • VTS Europe : November 26th, 2014 – 9am to 12:30pm GMT, register here.

Sunday Jul 21, 2013

Java EE during OTN Tour 2013 in Latin America

The Oracle Technology Network Tour 2013 has already started, bringing several Oracle and non-Oracle speakers to OUGs (Oracle User Groups) to countries across Latin America. You can check the official OTN Tour 2013 page of the tour to follow up with agenda, dates, speakers and other information. Last year I participated giving talks in Uruguay and Argentina about Oracle WebLogic 12c. That time, I had recently joined Oracle and didn't know much about it. But this year though, I wanted to do more.

I proposed a few abstracts to OUGs/JUGs choose which could work best for each country, and here are the topics:

  • GlassFish in Production Environments
  • What WebLogic 12c Has To Offer to Boost Your Productivity
  • What's new in Java EE 7
  • Hands-on for Java EE 7

You can read the full story on my blog

Wednesday Jan 11, 2012

Another thought-provoking Java EE article by Adam Bien

Note: if you're reading this using a feedreader, please make sure you've updated to the updated TheAquarium feed.

The latest article by Java Champion Adam Bien (and top Author at OTN) is out: "Interfaces on Demand with CDI and EJB 3.1".

This one focuses on leveraging the simplifications introduced by Java EE 6, CDI and EJB 3.1 (namely the no-interface view) and Adam makes the claim the "Premature Extensibility Is the Root of Some Evil" and that a lot can be done about removing code and layers whenever they're not fully justified.

Mille Feuilles

His 2-part interview on the GlassFish Podcast #68 and #69 is probably a good complement for his latest article.

Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

Devoxx 2011 - OTN Interviews now available

Devoxx was a blast again this year and while the sessions are not yet on Parleys (Stephan promised they will be there before Christmas), but the Devoxx'11 space has been created and contains 19 interviews done by OTN's Tori Wieldt.

These interviews are very diverse with more than half were recorded with community members such as Stephan "Devoxx" Janssen himself, LJC's Martijn Verburg, performance guru Kirk Pepperdine, and more.

Devoxx OTN interviews

The Oracle participants cover Java SE (the strategy with Henrik, language evolution with Joe, nio2 and Jigsaw with Alan, Brian Goetz, etc..), Java FX with Jasper, and of course Java EE and GlassFish with Marek on JAX-RS and myself (Alexis) on Java EE.

As with any Parleys presentation, these can be downloaded offline.

Thursday Nov 10, 2011

OTN Developer Days in the Nordics - Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen

OTN Developers Day are on tour all year long and they are coming to Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark with a "Modern Enterprise Java Development" agenda.

The dates are as follows (events take place in Oracle offices) :

22.11.2011 – Helsinki
23.11.2011 – Oslo
24.11.2011 – Stockholm
25.11.2011 – Copenhagen


This is a free, day-long event covering Java EE 6, GlassFish, WebLogic, TopLink, Coherence, tools and more. See you there!

Monday Sep 12, 2011

OTN Developer Day @ Times Square, Sept 14th 2011

The OTN Developer Days tour (now with an updated agenda/content) is making a stop in New York this Wednesday 14th, September 2011.

This enterprise Java edition covers Java EE 6, JPA, EclipseLink, GlassFish, WebLogic, Coherence, Maven, Hudson and more.


This is a full-day event with a VirtualBox install-fest, a keynote and two tracks ("Server and Tools" and "In-Memory Data Grid") packed with sessions and hands-on-labs. Make sure you register on the event's page, this is a free conference. There are many many more "Enterprise Java" conferences planned around the world this one. Be sure to check out the tentative schedule.

Saturday Apr 30, 2011

More OTN Developer Days

OTN Java Developer Days are continuing to circulate around the world with stops planned in Australia and more virtual events for everyone to follow. If you are in Brisbane or Perth, check out this detailed agenda and registration page.

OTN Dev Days

These two events will cover Java EE 6, introduce the theme for the upcoming Java EE 7, and illustrate both with GlassFish, WebLogic with drill downs on JAX-RS and several monitoring and tuning tooling and techniques. Make sure you register.

If you don't live down under, you may be interested by this JSF OTN Virtual Developer Day. The list of speakers for this live event includes Oracle employees and ACE directors and the agenda covers JSF, ADF and WebCenter in both sessions and labs.

Monday Mar 07, 2011

Leftik and Gaur on OTN about GlassFish Server 3.1 and interop with WebLogic Server

If you've missed last week's release of GlassFish 3.1, you can tune in to this 20-minute video from OTN with Justin Kestelyn discussing with Anil Gaur (VP Development for GlassFish) and Adam Leftik (GlassFish Product Manager ) the release as well as the interoperability efforts with Oracle WebLogic Server.

Anil and Adam on OTN TechCast

The discussion covers positioning GlassFish vs. WebLogic with the sharing of components (EclipseLink, Metro, Mojarra, Jersey, JAXB, etc.) and going forward, a common micro-kernel. On the GlassFish front, Adam does a rundown of what's new in 3.1 and touches on the Oracle Coherence integration as well as Integration with other Oracle products. The differences between the open source and Oracle-branded products is also discussed in this interview.

JavaEE 7 is also covered in the dicsussion with the caveat that the platform JSR and four other JSRs have been filed since the recording.

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

Parleys now with a "Java" Space

Java was always well represented on Parleys but it now has an official "Java Space", courtesy of OTN.

The current content includes two "TechCasts" (GlassFish/Java EE & NetBeans), a selection of six JavaOne 2010 sessions and five talks from the 2010 edition of the JVM Language Summit.


Parleys has been a very popular replay service for a while now with content provided (for a fee) by Devoxx (Java Champion Stephan Janssen is the person behind this conference as well as Parleys), other developer conferences and multiple JUGs that can use the editing software for free to post their events.

Thursday Jul 08, 2010

The Big Merge - Advance Notice

Docs moved first; the next step in the consolidation of Sun.Com web assets into Oracle.Com will be a large Website Merge" On July 19th,,, BigAdmin will move to a newly re-architected and redesigned OTN Site

The new site will have 4 entry points: Java Developers, Database Admins and Developers, System Admins and Developers and Architects.  We are trying to minimize the impact but this is a big move in a pretty tight schedule, so bear with us during the move.

Justin has a FAQ on the merge that you should check out.  Also see Rick's BigAdmin Content Migrating - How to Stay Informed where he introduces the OTN Garage Blog.  Rick also has two other useful posts, one on BigAdmin channels, the other on Existing Oracle Social Channels