Friday Nov 18, 2011

Tab Sweep - Coherence, SBT for GlassFish, OSGi in question, Java EE plugins, ...

Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Radio Receiver

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JSF Nightlies (Ed)
Setting up Mobile Server with GlassFish (Greg)
Deploying to remote Glassfish from SBT (Vasil)
OSGi (Jarda)
Building Plugins with Java EE 6 (Adam)
Application Entreprise JSF2 avec Maven ... (simplicity2k)
Project Coin at Devoxx 2011 (Joe)

Monday Oct 24, 2011

Being built on OSGi can take you further

Luminis' Paul Bakker has just posted a screencast showing how GlassFish can be provisioned and deployed to Amazon's EC2 with the Apache ACE project.

In this demo Paul takes advantage of the OSGi nature of GlassFish to provision and deploy a Web Archive Bundle (WAB) using JAX-RS as one of the Java EE 6 features offered with the application server.


This page has all the details on OSGi Enterprise support including a link to the OSGi Application Development Guide.

The nice thing about open source is that people take the technology in unexpected/unplanned directions.

Tuesday Oct 11, 2011

Modularity, OSGi, Java EE 6, developer-focused, etc. Been there done that!

Clearly we must have been something right since we shipped GlassFish v3 in December 2009.

It has almost been two years since we released our first modular (OSGi-based), production-ready, and fully compatible Java EE 6 implementation and our closest competitors have roadmaps [1], [2] that just read like the feature list from that old release of ours.


Of course we're not standing still. Rather, we've released three releases since v3 (3.0.1, 3.1 and 3.1.1) and we're now taking GlassFish to the cloud with virtualization and PaaS features. Check out this JavaOne 2011 demo if you haven't already!

You know what they say about imitation... (and in the end Java EE is the winner).

Wednesday Jun 08, 2011

OSGi Applications in GlassFish - the definitive guide (well almost)

Thanks to Sahoo, our OSGi applications expert and one of our most active participant on the mailing list, we now have an all-in-one "OSGi Applications in GlassFish" document packed with useful content (a first edition of the OSGi & GlassFish definitive guide in a sense ;)


This document focuses on the OSGi Enterprise features of GlassFish, also known as hybrid applications. This includes WAB packaging, JPA bundles, EJB as OSGi bundle or service, type-safe and dynamic injection of OSGi Services using Java EE 6's CDI, exposing HTTP/JTA/JDBC/JMS as OSGi services, tooling and more.

You can find this document and more linked off of the main OSGi page on the GlassFish wiki.

Friday Mar 25, 2011

Sound bites from Silicon Valley - EclipseCon

Another week, another Java conference. EclipseCon was held earlier this week in Santa Clara and one of the highlights was the joint IBM/Oracle keynote with Oracle's Mark Reinhold and IBM's John Duimovich discussing the future of Java (7, 8 and 9) and common work in the OpenJDK project.

EclipseCon 2011

Other than the rather good press coverage, here are some not-so-random tidbits :

• Reinhold: "Twitter did not exist when last major JDK release shipped (2006)" (oracletechnet)
"Java 7 release date still July 28 2011" (ianskerrett)
• Duimovich of IBM: "IBM joined OpenJDK to drive innovation, collaboration, compatibility" (oracletechnet)
"The pace of innovation in the Java platform is going to get a lot better" (Mike Milinkovich)

Other JavaEE-related content included Sahoo's and Arun's "Developing OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications with GlassFish" tutorial (with full description and screencast), an update on Dali for Java EE 6, a session on the intersection between JPA, JAXB and JAX-RS and more.

Wednesday Nov 24, 2010

OSGi injection in GlassFish - Now with type safety!


While GlassFish 3 and above is built on top of OSGi (Felix by default), it is abstracted away by the HK2 layer and certainly not exposed to developers by default. But if they want to leverage the OSGi capabilities of the runtime, they certainly can.

In addition to everything that was already discussed on how OSGi can be leverage from GlassFish, Siva now introduces in his blog how a GlassFish 3.1 CDI Portable Extension (part of the default distro) offers a type-safe @Inject'ion of OSGi dynamic services without having to manually look-up or bind to it. The @OSGiService CDI qualifier offered here supports a number of attributes for dynamic binding, OSGi discovery criteria, and binding timeout.

Siva's blog entry is well written and illustrated with downloadable Maven projects containing the OSGi service and the WAB-packaged servlet client. Recent GlassFish 3.1 milestone required.

Update: you can now look at the corresponding screencast on YouTube.

Tuesday Oct 05, 2010

New GlassFish Videos (@YouTube) and Audio (@GlassFishPodcast)

We have new Videos and Audio Recordings.

New Videos

Arun has uploaded several new videos to GlassFishVideos, our official channel at YouTube:

• Two short interviews as part of a JavaOne Playlist: RedFX: JavaFX Widget Library for GlassFish, with Johan Voss and GlassFish scales and configures very quickly for Micello - the "indoor Google Maps" company with Prakahs Narayan.  Also check out Arun's companion blogs (RedFX, Micello).

• A 6-parter playlist based on the OSGi HoL from JavaOne.  See the blog for details and play the playlist.

GlassFishVideos has been growing very nicely.  We launched on July 20th and it already has 39 videos, with over 20K upload views, almost 7.5K channel views, and 227 subscribers.  We are just getting started and, given the abundance of mobile devices that are good YouTube clients, I think the channel will be very successful.

New Podcasts

At the same time, Alexis has uploaded two podcasts to the GlassFish Podcast.

Episode #67 is an interview with Masoud Kalali recorded at JavaZone in Oslo; Episode #68 features Adam Bien and was recorded at JavaOne.

GlassFish Podcasts now has 68 episodes, download them directly from the website, via the feeds or via the iTunes store and you will be able to use them in your next traffic jam... or on the Tube.

Tuesday Apr 27, 2010

CLI, Roller, Jersey, JavaOne... and More GlassFish News - April 27th, 2010

Install and Run Apache Roller 4.01 on GlassFish and OpenSolaris
Dave Koelmeyer has posted Detailed Instructions on how to install Apache Roller 4.01 on GlassFish v2.1 using MySQL 5.1 for storage.  He uses OpenSolaris snv_134, the subject of a tea-leaf-reading thread.

Slides and Code Samples on Jersey and JAX-RS
The Slides and code from Paul Sandoz's presentation at Presentation at AlpesJug on Jersey, JAX-RS and Atmosphere are now now available.  The actual presentation was in French, but the slides are in English, and the code is... code.

Invoke OSGi Service from JAX-WS Endpoint
Arun has published yet another TOTD (Tip Of The Day), with complete instructions and code.  This one is  TOTD #130: Invoking a OSGi service from a JAX-WS Endpoint. Arun's approach is to document the demos he gives at his presentations through the TOTDs.  Quite a bit of work, but it makes the content useful to a world-wide audience.

WAS V7 - Inching Towards JavaEE 6
IBM has recently been using a "Feature Pack" approach in upgrading its WebSphere AppServer; it seems to work pretty well for them and they released two packs for WAS V7: Feature Pack for OSGi and JPA 2.0 and Feature Pack for SCA.  IBM is, of course, one of the Java Licensees; WAS v7 is one of the JavaEE 5 Compatible App Servers, the feature pack aproach helps it move towards the JavaEE 6 list.

VirtualBox at Oracle
One of the challenges during Hands-On-Labs is setting up: the attendees usually bring their own laptops but each of them is different and requires slighlty different setup.  Asking for prep work before attending is not always successful.  A solution now being used in some DB HOLs at Oracle is to Use VirtualBox. Which is the same approach that both Arun and Alexis had advocated for a new series of GlassFish HOLs being planned.

GlassFish CLI
Masoud has a detailed post - actually a book chapter - that you should read to Learn the GlassFish v3 Command Line Administration Interface (CLI)

JavaOne 2010
This year's JavaOne is the first under Oracle and will coincide with Oracle OpenWorld.  Some things will be different, but others are mostly the same - including how the content is being selected - see Sharat Chander's interview by Tori Wieldt for some answers; others will evolve as we get closer to the event.

Saturday Apr 24, 2010

Fundamo, OSGi, iPad.. and More GlassFish News - April 24rd, 2010

Financial services on the go - GlassFish for Fundamo and profit
Alexis recently published a new Adoption Story on how Fundamo uses GlassFish v2 and OpenMQ for its Enterprise Platform. Overview at stories entry, details in questionnaire, and an overview in this earlier short video interview.
We are always interested in more GlassFish adoption stories, both from (non-paying) users and from (paying) customers.   Stories come from all industries and around the world, the last few entries are PSA Peugeot Citroën (France/Auto), iVox (Belgium/Print), NHIH (US/Gov-Health Care) and Suncorp (Australia/Finantial).

OSGi/JMS/MDB Example
Sahoo's latest post describes a hybrid OSGi/JavaEE example that uses JMS and Message Driven Beans and leverages GlassFish v3.  Post includes source code and detailed description.

Siebel CRM Support for the iPad
Oracle shows how to use their server-side REST APIs and the iPad SDK to provide access to Siebel CRM from the iPad.   Devices like the iPad (and the iPhone) seem a very good match for the Oracle Fusion Applications

Innovating at Warp-Speed: Monitis Announces Java Monitoring from the Cloud
Monitis announces Java Application Monitoring, a cloud-based monitoring solution for JMX-based applications, including GlassFish containers.  More details in announcement and product page.

EJB 3.1 Asynchronous Session Beans
From Paris, with love... Patrick Champion provides a short example of using EJB 3.1's @Asynchronous annotation.  More benefits of JavaEE 6!

Alfresco community 3.3 installation on Glassfish
A short but detailed description of how to install Alfresco Community 3.3 with GlassFish v2.1 and MySQL.

Getting started with Glassfish V3 and SSL
The JavaDude provides a tutorial on how to use GlassFish v3 with SSL.

Thursday Apr 01, 2010

GlassFish and OSGi (and Sahoo) at EclipseCon

Sahoo on GlassFish & OSGi at EclipseCon 2010

As most of our frequent readers will know, GlassFish 3 is both modular and extensible. It ships as 200+ OSGi bundles running on Felix but also runs unmodified on Equinox. But how does this all benefit the GlassFish user (as opposed to the team developing the product)? This is what Sahoo presented at EclipseCon last week in the "OSGi & Java EE in GlassFish" session.

Since the product runs on an OSGi implementation, any bundle can be deployed alongside with the GlassFish bundles and Jerome has described how to use standard Java EE injection for OSGi declarative services. In his presentation, Sahoo explores further the OSGi capabilities of GlassFish - implementations of Java EE-related OSGi services & standards, ability to expose HTTP, JPA, JDBC, or EJB's as OSGi bundles, as well as support for Web Application Bundles (WAB).

Since talking is easy and code rules, Sahoo had several demos during his presentation at EclipseCon to illustrate the availability of such code today in GlassFish. In particuler, Sahoo has published details for his "EJB as OSGi Service" demo. Java EE 6, OSGi, whichever combination you chose, GlassFish is probably something you should look at. Make sure you read and follow Sahoo's blog for more on this topic.

Saturday Mar 27, 2010

More GlassFish Books - From JSF 2.0 to OSGi

Time to do an updated list of GlassFish books. I've added 16 new entries since the March Review; some are dedicated to the operation of GlassFish, some use GlassFish in all their examples, some only in most. I'm sure there are other worthy entries; add a comment if you want to submit names to the collage; I've left out books that only use GlassFish as one of the "common containers" (GlassFish, Apache Tomcat and JBoss).

You may also want to check the Amazon Listmania I created to help me track them.

Friday Nov 20, 2009

Eclipse Gemini Proposal - Enterprise Modules Project

A new Eclipse proposal (Eclipse Development Process: Pre-Proposal and Proposal) has just been posted at


Quoting from the proposal, the scope of the Gemini project is two-fold:

• Integration of existing Java enterprise technologies into module-based platforms; and
• Implementation of enterprise specifications for module-based platforms

The initial emphasis is on standards developed by the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group.

Gemini is organized under 6 subprojects, each seeded with contributions from SpringSource or Oracle and the overall lead for the project is Mike Keith. The project mentors are Wayne Beaton, Doug Clarke and Adrian Colyer.